Durgamati, The myth; movie review

Movie name: Durgamati.
Director: G. Ashok.
Cast: Bhumi Pednekar, Jishu Sengupta, Arshad Warsi, Mahie Gill, and others.
Release date: 11 December 2020.
Language: Hindi.
Overall Rating: 3/5
In the Indian film industry, a movie based on myth or historical story always grabs a different attraction. Durgamati is one of the Bollywood movies which is based on a myth. Most people prefer a fictional story as it has no evidence, and at the same time, it is thrilling as well.

Basically, Durgamati is a remake of Bhaagamathie, a Telugu movie released in 2018. Durgamati was launched on an OTT platform.

The IAS officer Chanchal Chauhan uff Durgamati is the main protagonist in this movie. Bhumi Pednekar plays this lead role very well. Arshad Warsi played a significant role, and here we see Jishu Sengupta as a police officer.


Durgamati; Plot:

In Durgamati, the center of the story was Bhumi, who played the role of an IAS officer, presently in jail for the murder of her fiancé. Apart from these, Chanchal was the private secretary of Ishwar Prasad, known as an incorruptible politician in the country.

The CBI imprisons Chanchal to a spooky palace in a rural area to extract information against Ishwar Prasad.

After staying in the palace, her life began to change, and the story goes on. A little twist was there at the end, which was genuinely unpredictable.
But was there really a spirit, or was it entirely man-made?- this question will remain till the end.

Summing Up:

Overall it is a good movie, especially for those who like a thriller movie. Arsad Warsi acted really well in the film. We can see two shades of the character, and Arsad Warsi played it very nicely.

Jishu Sengupta was also an essential part of the movie. And besides the Bengali film industry, his skillful acting is well praised in Bollywood too. Bhumi Pednekar, the center character, was also good.

But, in comparison with her previous works, it could have been better. Mahie gill also acted well in the role of CBI person.
Last but not least, after releasing its trailer, a storm of controversy arose as ‘ it is just a copied version of the south Indian film, Bhaagamathie.’

Yes, it is a remake of Bhaagamathie. But the way they act is really commendable. It does not disappoint to get the taste of a good quality horror movie.
Keeping aside all the comments, just watch the movie and enjoy the enigma.

Written by Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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