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Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives and we’re more mobile than ever be it Android or iOS user. One of the most recent US Mobile App Reports from com Score indicates that:

  • We now spend 50% of our digital media time in smartphone apps
  • Time spent on mobile apps absolutely dominates over mobile web
  • We most often only access 20 or fewer apps in a month, but we position them on our screens in a way that makes them easily accessible.
  • Our behaviour, habit, personality also depend on our choosing the types of smartphones.

Also, Previous year research of mobile market share in India says that Apple won’t have a significant share in the market. The no. of android users is comparatively high, instead of the iPhone. Android and IOS devices combined makeup over 97% of the mobile OS market share. And as of August 2017, Android takes up almost exactly two thirds (64%) of those!

India’s share of Apple users

In 2019, India has only 5% or less than 5% users of Apple whereas the android has brought the 95% users from all over India. According to the research, it’s not showing the good market of apple in our country. Android phone companies like Xiao MI, real me, Samsung and other few Chinese companies occupy the market.  Whether apple brought the market in foreign countries like Japan, Italy, the UK etc. In those countries, android came down with 55.3%(here is the result of research done in 2016). Here android sales dropped significantly.

It is assumed that the number of smartphone users will be exceeded to 3.8 billion in India In the next year.

Smart phones users (2013-2020):                       


Marketing research has been said that the users of smartphone will be increased up to 973.89 million in India in the year of 2025. And the maximum users are android users! India ,the second populous country in the world, has more than no of the android phones and maximum belongs to the Chinese company . In 2019, Xiao MI was the leading smartphone  vendor in India, followed by the Samsung and Vivo. Due to china’s rapid growth the country has become a distant leader in the market.

Loyalty of specific platforms:

  1. It seems that iPhone owners tend to think very highly of their devices, and are likely to remain iPhone users over time as a result of that. While the percentage of highly satisfied android owners is fairly high -48%-  It is quite below the 62% of iPhone owners that feel the same about their smartphones.

When compared to the android user base, IOS users are more loyal. Android users love the openness of the platform and they like to customize their device, where IOS users like to keep their devices straightforward and spend more time on trying out various apps.

2. Mobile ads are the main source of revenue generation in Android apps.


From IOS 13.6 -35.34%, IOS 13.5 -22%, IOS 12.4 -13.19%, IOS 13.3-7.54%, IOS 13.4 -2.91% to IOS 11.0 -2.57%.


  1. 9.0 Pie -35.31%
  2. 10.0.0 -22.38%
  3. 8.1 Oreo – 16.74%
  4. 6.0 Marsh mellow-7.31%
  5. 7.1 Nougat- 5.16%
  6. 5.1 Lolipop-4.79%


  1. Xiao MI– 26.31%
  2. Samsung- 20.83%
  3. OPPO- 11.34%
  4. Real me- 5.28%
  5. APPLE- 3.33%


  1. 12-15 years-14%(using android )
  2. 16-19 years -18%(using both)
  3. 20-29 years-35%(using both, android max)
  4. 30-39 years-19%(using  both)
  5. 40-49 years-9%(using android max)
  6. 50+ years-6%(using android max)


  1. Apple users are usually loyal to the consistent experience across all their devices and any updates that come along. While Android users vouch for the freedom and customizability their devices provide.
  2.  Android seems to be the most common platform among all age groups, but its edge over IOS was a bit smaller in the 65+ age bracket. As mentioned earlier, Android currently has the largest global platform share, with particular prominence in lower-income areas and developing nations. 

On average, iPhone users engage with their smartphone apps for nine more hours in a given month than Android users.

Reason behind falling the market of Apple in India :

The reason is very simple. Because of its broad price range and a lower entry-level price point, Android has the largest global share in lower income areas and developing nations. It holds an advantage over Apple in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa. people now a days are comfortable with good features in a low cost phone.

But that doesn’t mean that android market are increasing for that only, It’s also the operating system which is easy to handle in daily purpose. One can easily get a smart phones with extraordinary features within 10-15k in android ,but in case of I phone money is one of problem to get and buy a phone. It’s a huge problem for the people of developing country like India, where there are only 700 million users of smart phone, where buying a I phone is expecting too much in pandemic  situation.

WHAT IS THE BASIC REQUIREMENT: Disposable income, fast lifestyle and the need to always stay connected.Average people wants good features phone with pocket friendly price ranges. It is estimated that the country has the highest no of people between  10-24 years of age, compared to the rest of the world. It is the less surprising therefore 80% of the smartphone user in country is under 25years of age. Research shows that the age group of 40+ years  don’t judge so much the brand before using or buying smartphone.

Also, For them, an easy smartphone with easy access features are catchy and easy to handle. Mid-age people are thinking about and buy smartphones. Moreover Android has brought a great no of people in the last few years. In one home there will be at least one android smartphone user. But then there will be one/two  IOS users in one area.

Smartphone users increase in COVID times

In a pandemic, the number of smartphone users has been increased all over the world. Whether a smartphone is needed for work from home job and student as well as. Poverty is one of cause to judge the ratio of IOS users and android users.  Middle class and poor people are unable to buy I phone. And for basic needs, they also prefer first in android phones.


Whether in pandemic, boycotting Chinese  product will bring an great change in android market share. As India are also developing to build its’ own product as well as. And the bonding with other countries will increase more and more in future. Brand like Samsung, Sony ,Nokia and other also will get a chance to increase their business in India and in the worldwide also.

Also, It’s assumed that in the next ¾ years the market share will be changed as pandemic has created an important role in this. The ‘boycott china’ operation will  bring a change to the android market share, as the 30-40% share of Chinese apps and Mobiles in India, but still there is few chances to increase the no of users of IOS in India . If Tim Cook Really wants increase the market in India, then he has to think sincerely about this!

Apple want to increase market share in India

The dropdown of IOS in the recent few years won’t make him happy. The apple company have to really think about the price of their products as they are really want to increase market share in the developing country like us. Android phones are giving smart features at a minimal price. And it’s also depended on global market sharing, how it will fall and rise. As per GDP, the current economic structure is nor well, it’s not giving the high market share, as mentioned above.

Moreover, Smartphone adoption and mobile internet access continue to be an urban phenomenon. But this is fast changing as smaller cities are fast catching up and even those with lower incomes today see smartphones as a valuable alternative to other personal technology devices. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues in the coming days.

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