Every so often, an athlete shows the world the possibilities of talent. Every so often, an athlete shows the world that it is not impossible to be caressed among billions or millions of people. An athlete shows the world it is possible to make even impostors believe. Yesterday Diego Maradona, the god of football passed away.

 God has chosen:

                      Diego Armando Maradona made the world believe that he is the most superior being into the world. He was dropped from Havens to be inspired or inspire scores of people. He made the wish come true. Maradona became the celebrated idol and mascot in football. He was even worshipped as a hand of God. He spread joy, elevating the potential of the beautiful game. 


Doomed day:

On Wednesday, the Argentine great, Diego Maradona, epitome God of football, walked into eternal history. He passed away at 60, after a heart attack following a brain surgery earlier this month. The year 2020 seems to be much chaotic embellished with the untoward happenings and loss of great personalities. Maradona seems no exception to join the long list. His passing away seems arguably the single, most, piece of news that will resound with the most. This is because of the impact he had right from Buenos Aires to Brisbane and from the Arctic to the Antarctic. When you revolute around the continents, the permutation and combination to see at least a single mural of him would be optimum.

Troubled times:

                          He hailed from Villa Fiorita, one of Argentina’s poorer locations, yet conquered the entire world in 1986. Rising from a grime boy of Buenos Aires to stardom tells that his life wasn’t a bed of roses. He was always caught in troubled waters. Years of drug use, overeating and alcoholism truncated a stellar career and altered his appearance from a lithe athlete who slams effortlessly and untiringly, always keeping the opponents in a macabre. 

Real magician:

A magician or a baton with a ball, deceptively quick passer in the field, is the greatest football player ever edging out the other magnificent, Brazil’s Peele. In Argentina, he was worshipped as ‘ El Dios’ – the God- party a play on his nu. Er ten shirts, El Diez. He believed that Argentina would win the world cup at Mexico in 1986 and he backed that intuition with a footballing skill that was sufficed with a magic realism that also made Gabriel Garcia Marquez proud.


The last days:

                      Drugs, excessive alcohol and delusion seemed to lock him in a bone of contention always wherever he went. Still was blessed with magic at his feet. Some years back, he was in Kerela busy promoting a jewellery brand. Although in high spirits, thanks to the few rounds of rum, he juggled a football on his legs. He took it on to his chest, headed it a few times but never lost control. The crowd became a mad scramble at this sight which represents Maradona’s stardom. He is even today remembered for the flashes of elusiveness when with the ball played on loop before eyes. 


                     Maradona is considered to be a sports’ misguided rebel, misdirected, flawed, but mostly humane. There were umpteen times when he was wheeled into ICU, with the crowd waiting outside, engaged in lengthy prayers and candles. Many times, the prayers were answered, yet this time the trick didn’t play. On Wednesday night, the football’s maverick breathed his last few days after his 60th birthday. But the zeal, adulations and pride moments of the magnificent player seems imperishable. In fact, one could say that the sports’ fraternity has become poorer as the football’s immortal leaves the Earth for a lease at Heavens’ abode.

Written By Ramyasree D.

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