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The story is all about a human boy named MOWGLI, raised by a couple of wolves named RAKSHA and AKELA.

It may seem very exciting and fun to be raised in the lapse of nature and wildlife, but actually, the reality is far away from the reflection of this anticipation. They are not cute as Mowgli we have portrayed, but are very violent flesh eaters.

One such story revolves around a human man who is raised in wildlife.


Dina was one of many feral children found in India over the years. It turns out, and the country has a long history of children raised by all kinds of animals, such as panthers, dogs, and even chickens.


In 1872, Dina Sanichar was discovered by a group of hunters in Uttar Pradesh. The boy was walking on all fours and was following a pack of wolves.

After that, the boy, along with his companions, retreated into a den. This whole sight was both intriguing and absolutely terrifying to the hunters. Since the mysterious boy piqued their interest, the crew was determined to get their hands on him. First of all, the hunters attempted to get them out of the cave by setting it on fire. When the wolves and the boy finally came out, the hunters killed the wolves and took the boy with them.The boy was believed to be six years old.

The hunters brought the boy to an orphanage where he was baptized and given the name Sanichar, which means “Saturday” in Urdu because that’s the day he arrived at the orphanage.

Dina Sanichar

Sanichar struggled a lot. The boy was considered to have a low IQ; father Erhardt, who was the head of the orphanage, noted that though the boy was “undoubtedly pagal, he still shows signs of reason and sometimes actual shrewdness.” Besides, he never learned how to speak. Many tried to teach him to do so at the orphanage, but he never managed to learn how to speak, read, or write.

The boy communicated by making animal noises and continued to walk on all fours. Eventually, Sanichar learned to walk on two legs; he still struggled with wearing clothes and preferred to be naked.


Eventually, Sanichar learned to walk on two legs, he still struggled with wearing clothes and preferred to be naked.Besides, when he first arrived at the orphanage, he refused to eat cooked meals and would sharpen his teeth on bones. One of the few humanly habits Sanichar integrated into his own life was smoking!Many believe that smoking was what later led him to develop tuberculosis.Dina passed away in 1895 from tuberculosis. He was just 29 years old.

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