Why Goa is dying?

Is the government planning something huge for Goa?

A few days back, we had seen a massive gathering of people at Goa, around 3,000 people came together at night to sit at a Railway line.
Why so?
It is so because three projects are planned in Goa’s ecologically sensitive areas where the total trees felled will be between 35,000 to 80,000. A huge sacrifice will be made for this project as trees in colossal no. will be held to death. The project is basically based on the doubling of track from Goa to Karnataka Railway line.

The second project is about four laning of the existing NH-4A. And the third project is related to laying an a400KV transmission line. And due to these, Goa’s Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary are in danger.

Some people believe that these projects will make Goa a coal transport hub. It is also said that the additional railway line will be used to transport coal imported into Goa’s mormugao port to North Karnataka’s steel and power plants, but the govt. Denies this claim.

Goa beach

Research has found that Goa has a dark relationship with coal as private companies import coal from Goa’s port. And for this project, thousands of trees will be cut down, which will cause huge destruction to the ecosystem. The ecosystem in which animals live, different species live will lose their loved ones once a chain is broken. It will cause a loss to humans as more animals will contact humans, and more interactive diseases will spread like Ebola and coronavirus, which came into humans through a bat. So, the government should take strict action to control the human contact. At the same time, habitats of Goa need to take precaution so that they can control the spreading.

By Aarushi Dhiman

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