Name of the movie- Lady Bird.
Director – Greta Gerwig.
Starring- Saoirse Ronan, Laura Metcalf, Timothee Chamalat and others
Synopsis- LadyBird is a 2017 American coming- age comedy movie. It is also the director’s solo directorial debut. The movie set in Sacramento, California, between the fall of 2002 and the summer of 2003. It depicts the strained relationship between the protagonist and her mother.

Later on, it shows that protagonist deals with strained relationships with her crushes
and as well as friendships. The protagonist, a teenage girl, discovers herself through love,relationships, and her hometown.

This movie gives a fresh, charming take on self- discovery through the contours of adolescence. Lady Bird, as appeared, falls in love with a guy from her school, ends up heartbroken, on discovering being cheated.
As life is full of surprises, Lady Bird gets to experience the ride in the roller coaster of life, facing different buoyancy of emotions. Moreover,the director puts a sensitive approach to the individual scenes.

Movie; Lady bird

The scenes are delicately put together, leaving a feel-good impression. At the same time,It carries an emotional weight despite the restrain. Director uses mundane elements like funny and memorable by employing simple tricks of positioning the actors along with, the camera placement.

Scenes almost look natural and improvised on the spot.
The realism hammered through the performances mainly, Lady Bird, portrayed by Saoirse Ronan. Firstly, she captures her angst, confusion and restlessness, who begins to understand what it means to look beyond yourself. she also believes herself, forgetting that her parents are financially struggling to make ends meet.

The mother played by, Laura Metcalf, equally steals the show, like Marion, providing on the essence. Both are equally strong-willed to the point of being obstinate. Only the negative point is the portrayal of the lack of interaction between the mother and her daughter. Also, some scenes might seem to be forgetful.

The supporting cast was decent and delectable. It was Miss Ronan who maintains a subtle and impressible level of charisma throughout the movie. Gerwig infuses a lot of personalities, making each one essential to the plot.

The credit goes to Gerwig’s writing skills and the ability to present a collection of memories from someone’s teenage years without, being pretentious.

Leaving all aspects, Greta Gerwig makes up Hollywood’s forthcoming movie about growing up, being awkward but bittersweet essence. It is rare to see a filmmaker with such a grasp on a story’s soul, tackling with a little depth.

Written by Bratati Sinha.

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