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As I have your undivided attention now, let’s have a look at the impact of lockdown on Indian habits.

The worldwide spread of novel coronavirus disease is severely affecting life. In an exceptional situation of the century, it is crucial to understand how people adapt to the constraints imposed due to lockdown. Moreover, it has an impact on a given population and their routines and habits. Although these measures and efforts are necessary to curb the disease’s new cases, there are reasons to be concerned because prolonged home confinement has affected people’s physical and mental health.

Sleep, eating habits, and internet use have found significant differences. Many of our activity patterns and sleep habits had to undergo a noticeable transformation during this phase. The lack of social zeitgebers, such as regular work schedules and social activities, and changes in living conditions, strongly affect sleep habits under restrictions. Nowadays,extensive use of the electronic device has become a part of our regular schedule. School and college students are attending online classes, meeting for office workers. This alteration in the mode of work involving prolonged screen time which may affect the sleep. Episodes of daytime sleeping have been reported to increase simultaneously. This disruption in the sleep-wakefulness cycle may cause of the de-synchronization in the “zeitgebers” pace.

Most commonly used electronic devices with screens were vividly explored for entertainment, playing sitting games, and binge-watching. Some people also preferred spending time reading books, newspapers, or any other literature of their interests.

Healthy habits

Long home stays had changed the behaviors that lead to inactivity. The habits changed more were related to exercise. People in lockdown are experiencing negative psychosocial changes, which have an impact on overthinking and anxiety. Despite many drawbacks in various aspects, some light can be thrown upon the shine it brought in some lives. Brainy people took advantage of the situation and worked over their hobbies, and some even turned them into their passion. Social media being a significant influence in such cases, gave birth to numerous chefs, bakers, dancers, designers, singers, painters, writers, etc. People started following their interests, and many adopted reading, writing, and cooking habits. Everyone should follow Hygiene habits to make a good start.

Humans are social animals and thrive by socializing. Spending most of the time indoors has reinstated that it is only your family, which is beside you through thick and thin. We realized how to be comfortable with ourselves. Snacking will only make you fatter, and sleeping longer will rob you of several productive things you could do during the day. It is essential to set a routine for yourself and stick to it. This phase of life has somewhere, or the other helped everyone realize the extent of their duties and responsibilities.

Written by Vanshika Dhir.

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