Reason why #XiaomiJawabdo is trending on Twitter!

By Mansi Yadav
#XiaomiJawabDo trending on Twitter after Gaurav Chaudhary’s tweet.

On 17th October 2020, Indian Youtuber Gaurav Chaudhary, also known as Technical Guruji, raised Twitter’s concern. He stated that Xiaomi Smartphones are not displaying the weather conditions of any city in Arunachal Pradesh. He asked his Twitter Fam to spread the word regarding this using the #XiaomiJawabDo.

Gaurav Chaudhary’s tweet on Xiaomi phones

Many people on Twitter started retweeting and asking Xiaomi the reason behind this malfunction. So, what possibly could the reason be?

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Xiaomi: Loyal Chinese company. 1

Know it all: The History of Indo-China disputes. 1

Did Xiaomi phones make corrections?. 1

Xiaomi: Loyal Chinese company

Xiaomi smartphones don’t show the weather of Arunachal Pradesh and extend support to China.

It’s pretty much evident that India and China have disputes regarding Arunachal Pradesh. So, Xiaomi being a Chinese company, has come out to support the People Republic Party of China. 

Even after the ban on Chinese products made by Narendra Modi, many people use Chinese phones because they are way cheaper. You can’t convince someone to buy a Samsung phone having low-quality features over a Xiaomi phone having more features at the same price. 

Know it all: The History of Indo-China disputes

How long will the Indo-China war continue?

China occupied Tibet in the late 1960s. During that time, to maintain peace, the British divided a line between the two nations giving China most of Tibet, and that line is known as the McMahon Line. Later, Beijing backed off and claimed that Tibet’s provincial government had no right to sign a treaty.

The present scenario refuses to acknowledge the McMahon Line as the border between India & China. It claims that Arunachal Pradesh must come under its territory, and there have been disputes at LAC regarding this. 

Did Xiaomi phones make corrections?

Gaurav tweets after Xiaomi corrects its mistake.

Well, On 18th October 2020, Gaurav Chaudhary tweeted that Xiaomi corrected their mistakes and added the cities of Arunachal Pradesh, thereby showing all cities’ weather conditions except Leh. He asked Xiaomi to correct their errors in one go. 

What are your reviews on this move made by Xiaomi phones? Is China crossing a particular line of decency?

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