Doctors: The Front Line Warriors

We all know, that why our government is forcing us to live in the home, this is due to pandemic COVID 19 which is been faced by the world and right now our doctors are working 24 hours as a front line warrior against coronavirus and helping our government and country to fight against this crisis. In return, many people are contributing their warm wishes and thanking the doctors through different gestures. A few times each month we all clap at the same time beat the utensils, or light a Diya outside our balcony a gesture that shows how grateful we are. These actions are counted under giving respect to the doctors of our country who in this situation stays away from their family and spends most of their time fighting for a corona patient. In our country doctors are treated as ‘devta’ or ‘messenger of God’ as they are considered the giver of life to the people. Right now there are around 12, 41,687 cases and it is a matter of honour that out of this 7, 84,460 people recovered and all this could happen because of the doctors and medical staff who are working hard to save everyone without discriminating between any gender or caste. They are doing their best to help patients recover as fast as possible. Still, there are some people who are acting rudely and behaving cruelly towards the doctors. According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), 75% doctor face violence once in his life and in ongoing COVID 19, these cases are increasing day by day. Even after so much of hard work, the doctors are still facing harassment. For instance, whenever the medical staff or doctors go to the house of the patients, people throw stones on them and treat them like a “street dog” due to which recently many doctors started striking as they all were facing humiliations and violence in their everyday life. Do you know what is the reason behind this? This is all happening because of a bunch of fake news we are sharing on social media regarding the doctors and regarding the religious discrimination which is being allegedly carried out by doctors. This, however, in reality, has not been proven till this day.

Every day we get to listen about cases of violence and for some time we feel bad for a doctor, but the next day again is a normal day. The maltreatment of doctors is partly our fault as we should also take care of a doctor who is far away from their family, who are not even getting proper sleep, they are taking care of our family members so that one day they may able to recover. Now its high time for us to protect the front line soldiers (doctors). We can help them by spreading the love towards them through social media, by informing people about the importance of doctors in today’s scenario, and also make people aware of the fact that if doctors will not be there then a country will be in trouble. Before attempting any untoward act, we should always think about their families because doctors are taking care of our family members.

                                               By- Anjali Sharma

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