Anvay Naik’s Case

Source: the Indian Express

The owner of the Concorde Designs Pvt Ltd, Mr. Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud were found dead in  their bungalow in Alibaug Maharashtra in May 2018. According to the police, it was a suicide. Also, claims suggest that Anvay and his mother were forced to take this huge step because of the payment due to them.

Anvay Naik’s dues weren’t cleared by Arnav

Their payments were not cleared by the three that is, Arnab Goswami of republic tv, Feroz Shaikh of IncastX/skimedia, Nitesh Sarda of Smart Network. These firm owned Rs 83 lakh, Rs 4 crore, Rs 55 lakh to Mr. Anvay Naik respectively, rendering him unable to pay to his contractors. Arnab Goswami denied the accusation and claimed that he had made the payment.

The local Raigad police who were investigating the case remarked that their were no evidence against the accused  and thus the case was being closed in April 2019. However in 2020 the case was reopened by Aliabaug police on the direction given my Maharashtra Minister Mr. Anil Deshmukh. Mr Deshmukh cited, Mr Anvay Naik’s daughter, Adnya complained regarding the inefficiency of the police investigation of non payment of dues by republic tv. The sole reason being behind the reopening of the case.

They also informed that they had no connections with the political parties neither with the politicians. Mr. Naik’s wife raised grievance that his husband  had mentioned the names of the accused in the suicide note. But still no action was taken seriously against them and requested a fair judgement. They had also filed four complaints against them but that resulted in them starting getting threats by the powerful people who backed Goswami.

Arnab was assaulted by two officers

Arnab Goswami was arrested from his residence on the charge of suicide of  Mr. Naik and his mother by Raigad police and Mumbai Police. They went to Arnab Goswami’s residence at 6:00 am. There his lawyer remarked that Arnab and his wife were not informed about his arrest. He was assaulted by the two of the officers. The police also remarked that Arnab Goswami has used violence against a woman constable. And has been taken under the Indian Penal Code for using violence against a public servant. Arnab Goswami claimed that he had provided the documents of transactions of which he had done with Anvay Naik’s company. He also requested Bombay High Court to his plea and grant him bail of the suicide case in which he has been arrested.

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