Tumhare Sky ka Colour Koi Aur Nahi Decide Kar Sakta

– (The Sky is Pink) The moment I came across this dialogue from the movie “The Sky is Pink”, which ultimately means that “No one has the right to decide the colour of your sky”, my mind just struck with a million thoughts and the million dreams that I see along the days with myContinue reading “Tumhare Sky ka Colour Koi Aur Nahi Decide Kar Sakta”

Nutritional MYTHS

Do you also believe in nutritional myths? (Myth Busters) Myths, myths, myths… The list is pretty long then, so wrong. But what’s right? What can you believe? Well, this has been the confusion for decades, which started from street gossips and have evolved into “WHATSAPP FORWARDS”. It becomes a heck of a decision on whatContinue reading “Nutritional MYTHS”


Perseverance is persistence, written by Priyanka Chand Success is what everyone desires. But, is it right if I say “the path to success is very easy.” No, it’s not. Because each of us thrives on success, we often forget the difficulties of lying on the path to success. We set targets and want to achieveContinue reading “Perseverance is PERSISTENCE “THE PRIZE OF NOT GIVING UP “”

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