The era of infodemic

Written by Ishita Singh

The era of Infodemic is upon us and thus, it is our duty to fight it!

Infodemic is a blend of “Information” and “Epidemic” that typically refers to a rapid far-reaching spread of both accurate and inaccurate information about something, such as a disease and according to WHO Infodemic is as dangerous as the Virus. It can hamper an effective public health, mental and social  response and create confusion and distrust among people and accepting fake news can eventually misguide masses.

 As facts, rumors, and fears mix and disperse, it becomes extremely difficult to learn important information about an issue.

These days our social media feeds are flooded with information about the spread and cure of the Corona Virus.

How believable are these sources and should we trust them or not?Here are some basic question answered
1. Do you think eating garlic and drinking turmeric milk can surely prevent COVID-19 from spreading?

Some researches recommends that garlic may slow the development of certain types of microbes but there is no proof to recommend that garlic can secure individuals against COVID-19 and drinking turmeric milk boosts your immunity system however this also does not prevents COVID – 19 from spreading

2. Can home remedies can cure against and protect against COVID-19?

No home remedies are scientifically proven that they cure against COVID-19. The best methodology is to take food that that boosts immunity and wearing masks, practicing social distancing and washing hands at regular intervals should be encouraged.

3. Do dogs, cats or any domestic animal’s spread COVID -19 ?

This myth started when a dog was tested positive in Hong Kong and after this many people disowned their pets and started maintaining distance from animals, But it was later found that it was the dog owner who was tested positive and when tested the virus was found in dogs canine. However, after a research WHO (World Health Organization) proved that corona virus i.e. COVID-19 is not possible in dogs or any other domestic animals.

4. Vitamin C helps cure the infection?

Vitamin C was believed to have some healing benefits and may help to boost your immunity system but still there is no evidence that it might help us to fight, cure or prevent the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

5. Drinking alcohol reduces the risk of infection?

In response to this WHO released a statement, in it they explained that spraying alcohol can disinfect the skin but it does not works the same way inside the body and consuming a lot of alcohol eventually weakens the immune system and reduces the ability to cope up with the disease.


Infodemic is as real as the virus. The way in which we are protecting ourselves and our family members from the virus in the same way we have to protect our family and friends from this Infodemic too. Do not forward the messages of an unreliable source and ask your friends not to do that. Until and Unless the source isn’t reliable don’t trust, share or follow any instructions. Report the false information and take time to verify the information. Always trust the verified sources like official government notices and the WHO statements about the virus.

The only way to prevent corona virus till date is to USE MASKS – SANATIZE YOUR HANDS – WASH YOUR HANDS AT REGULAR INTERVAL. There are no other scientifically proven ways to prevent this virus from spreading.

Guidelines to tackle the Infodemic.

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