The monk who sold his Ferrari

The book name is The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari
Alternate title :

  1. “Live the life with the positiveness”
    2 “The main purpose of life is to fulfill your dreams “
    3.” Simplicity is the key of life “
  2. Tone of the novel motivational, inspirational, admirable, optimistic, influencing, courageous, spiritual, sensational
    This is the fable is amazingly written by Robin Sharma. This book is about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny with simplicity. In this fable there is the professional novel named Julian Mantle who was distinguished trail lawyers and the prosperous person with his red Ferrari and his luxurious house. He Earlier, he believed in living the luxuries, ‘ life but sudden heart attack changed his life as well as prospective because the doctor Advised him to leave his profession to survive. He got advice to visit as to live more spiritual and peaceful life. Then he started searching of sages of Silvana to live the meaningful life. After a few days finally he met with the most senior sages of Silvana named yogi Raman. Then yogi Raman took him to Nirvana the sages of Silvana. Yogi Raman explain to him various principles of life. Before describing these principal he made a promise that he will spread all that he had been taught to him. He applied all the knowledge that the yogi Raman shared to him and these bring tremendous change in his life. He went back and started sharing the knowledge. He met to his friend John (a lawyer) abs John was surprised by the changed look of Julian. Then he shared the real meaning of life to John. His lessons are as follows
  • The heart of the rose, follow your purpose, opposition thinking, master of mind (follow your passion) the power of self-examination, practice the kaizen, 10 rituals of radiant living, live with discipline (with mantras) ,Respect your time (the most precious commodity, ) selflessly serve others, practice daily act of kindness, embrace the present, live in “now” ,never sacrifice happiness for the achievement, follow the deathbed mentality means to think that every day is your last day of life and so on. He also gave the explains these principles by giving the example of sumo wrestler, Peter etc. This inspiring fable provides the step by step approach living with the great courage , abundance and joy..
    The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari is a must read book available on Amazon

Written by Astha Ahuja

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