Teenage life

Teenager refers to a person who is between 13-19 years old. Teenage is a period in which you learn a lot about life. In fact, you realize what life is, in this period.

Teen life

Teen lifestyle has been a more common topic which is being spoken all over recently. Teenage is a period where you learn a lot, explore new things. A teen is someone who has the ability to change the world. He/she has the capability of doing anything one wants. Teen life is full of experiences. With proper guidance and utmost care, the person is able to reach his goal in his early life. But, when you are misguided, things may go from bad to worse.

Teenage and health:

Teens these days are easily attracted to the usage of alcohol, drugs and smoking. All these actions affect not only their physical and mental health, but also their future. Facts and research show that there is a rapid increase in the consumption of alcohol by teenagers in the last few years. In that case, they are easily prone to severe heart and liver diseases in their early life.

Teenage relationships and problems:

The foremost relationship in a teen’s life is Friendship. You gain a lot of friends in this period. Moreover, we spend most of the time with them, leaving behind all the others. Being a teen, we love to enjoy with the people of the same age group or those who are just like us. Friendships become more intense and supportive.

This is the period when most of them experience Love. This is a great phase where some find their true love and some learn lessons. They are not just lessons. They are the life lessons one ought to carry till their lifetime.

Teenage is a period of less responsibilities and more fun. It is also a period where you start experiencing some actual problems. Teens experience health issues due to no proper eating habits. They face skin problems like acne, pimples, dark circles.Teenagers may also be vulnerable to violence. They suffer depression due to the problems they face in the family or society.

Teen education:

Education paves way for development. It helps in improving the IQ of the person in such a way the teen is able to solve problems. Education is a must to have a secure life. It makes us self dependent and confident. It gives us the right to choose.

Social media:

Social media is a platform where teens easily get influenced by it. People use social media to share and connect with their loved ones. Gradually, it is affecting our private space too. Teens undergo psychological stresses. They are getting addicted to it and suffer from insomnia. Everything has pros and cons. It is our own responsibility to not to fall under the bad hands.

Every teen is one of a kind. Some balance their social life and studies, whereas some give importance only to their relationships, and some just get along with their life. Teen period is a golden period of life. Fun and enjoyments are necessary, but with utmost care.

Written by R.Varsha


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