What exactly do peace and development refer to?

Peace in today’s world can very well be described as a sort of abstract utopian concept longed for, ie a common goal and state of rest. This is clearly contradicted and humiliated in today’s world with the ongoing thirst and hunger for power, territory, and capital. At the same time, development refers to a long-drawn process which can contribute towards creating growth, positive change, or simply an improvement in the physical, mental or social surroundings of any human being.

So now the crucial question which comes into mind is, “where exactly does science fit into this complex demographic?”. Science, whose nature is yet to be known and harnessed, its power unmatched, put into such a dangerous and volatile situation.

Limiting the capabilities of science to plainly its subjective attributes- physics, chemistry, biology etc. is an injustice to the core of the subject. Its scope includes the likes of social, economic, and environmental science, which are increasingly being incorporated into our daily lives and can be said to bring about tangible positive changes. For peace, science provides the greatest boon in today’s disease-stricken world in the form of medicines. Even in today’s highly sensitive virus-stricken environment, countries all over the world are able to share and discuss their individual discoveries, findings and hence contribute towards improving the world situation as a whole and henceforth try to bring about a state of rest and normalcy for all. Science furthermore opens up various new horizons for career opportunities and hence improves the employment conditions, further enabling stability to exist that can eventually contribute towards peace within a country or area. It also creates the environment needed for learning and education.

This is a beneficial effect because by improving education in a country, we improve the society for future generations. Hence, it can inculcate within them an early habit of staying in a state of peace and maintaining peace which will only be helpful in building society. Suppose I were to illustrate this argument further using an example. In that case, we can educate even five children who have been born and brought up in dire conditions; they might grow up and learn to sustain themselves by good means, in contrast to today’s scenario where many of the poverty-stricken, unemployed people, especially the youth is turning to crime or even war as seen in the northern parts of our very own country. These are the parts where the resources are so scarce and underdeveloped that the people have no choice but to try and survive of anything, desperate and needy for minimum sustenance.

Science hence if not directly, indirectly, can bring out a sure-shot habit of peace.

While at the same time, if we were to talk about the direct implications of science on bringing about peace, a prominent successful example necessary to include would be the current dealings and proceedings of the honest attempt to foster harmony between the war-stricken nations and people – the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The conflict between these two has been raging on since 1948 imply after the modern Jewish state was newly founded. It is not as though attempts haven’t been made to bring peace in these countries. on several occasions, there have been attempts to find common ground to arrive at a consensus to achieve peace and stability for peoples of both sides. These efforts even included endeavours to promote interaction, collaboration and peace-building between the two groups, but somehow always ended in hostility. There was no tangible change seen until 2002 when the IPSO, the Israeli Palestinian science organisation, was launched to bring together scientists from both sides to pursue joint projects.

The grants issued under the program require the consensus and partnership of both the Israelis and the Palestinians. Following its mission statement, the IPSO proposes to establish a model of infrastructure that promotes, creates and sustains development educations and, most importantly, the collaboration between the communities through the universal language of science using innovative projects and initiatives. Scientific research endeavours involving people working together as equal partners would produce practical results and would likewise engender personal trust and friendship between people living in the two communities. Hence improve the conditions required to attain common goals and further peace by enabling the parties to arrive at a common ground beneficial for growth and support for both.

Surprising too is the lack of awareness of institutions such as IPSO and its vision for promoting peace through collaborative interactions between Palestinian and Israeli scientists. The workings of the IPSO can be used as an important model to base future organisations and missions upon in such similar conflict-prone areas, which will eventually benefit from common associations applicable to both concerned parties with a common independent goal and indirect implication on peace.

If I was to talk about science and development, there is no doubt that these two factors go hand in hand. Without science, there can virtually be no development. In fact, one of the largest and effective strategies devised in the last century of sustainable development, which includes the idea of using resource judiciously, is the very component of earth and economic sciences.

Sustainable development in the past century has proven to be an advantageous strategy in terms of its terms for use and mission statements which include using only for our own needs and preserving enough for the coming generations for them to undergo development with exactly the same freedom present generations have been able to.

Furthermore, suppose we were to analyse the implications of the actions of ancient civilisations and colonies. They have constantly been developing themselves and their organisations using new techniques and methodology as the basis of trials and errors, which can be deduced as the first scientific experiments seen in modern civilisations. Whether it includes discoveries in the forms of new materials, technologies, etc. that have found practical application in various areas of production of economic goods that have become in common use by people, they have increased prosperity and made life easier.

This may have worked for them progressively and effectively, however recently, the norms and uses of the world with the increasing global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, increased risk of various climatic cataclysms, increased environmental pollution, declining resources of raw materials, arable land and clean water, the need to develop renewable sources of energy, electromobility, recycling have created the need to develop business processes according to the model of sustainable pro-ecological development and the green economy concept which are also constantly evolving. We can say that the two do go directly hand in hand.

If I were to compare the 3, science, peace and development, to an object, it would be to the branches of a tree called society. These three factors cannot grow and flourish in sanctity without the support of society. Furthermore, all contribute equally in some way or the other to the overall growth of the tree by bearing fruits etc. which implicates directly on society to maintain it economically and keep it standing, which is exactly the role science needs to fulfil in today’s changing world.

Written by – By Tanisha Rungta

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Evolution Is Dominant

‘Mind, money, life, or youth – nothing is fixed in this ever-changing world. And here only he lives forever who has done something great for mankind.’
– Chanakya Kautilya

So, from this above quotation of the great ancient Indian philosopher and economist Chanakya Kautilya, everyone can easily understand that we all are surviving in an ever-changing surrounding.

Every day of our life is different from one another and for that reason we get the chance to get introduced to new experiences and ideas.
And these day by day small changes are the steps of evolution through which a person transitions from one phase to another phase of his life. And this gradual growth and development are called evolution.

We all evolve in life. With time, we evolve mentally, spiritually, emotionally, economically, socially, and actually in every aspect of our lives.

Evolution is also important in life because it helps us to get out of our comfort zone and learn skills. It also gives birth to new ideas, discoveries, and innovations and also adds new flavors to our lives. So the person who is not evolving with time is surely missing prosperity in his life.

Famous author Leon C. Magginson said, ‘It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change’.
Therefore, it is also very important to know the process of coping up with new changes which are called adaptation.
Adaptation and evolution are complementary to each other. And those who can adapt the best with the evolution become dominant and are counted as the best-fitted survivors.

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So, this dominance refers to the power and influence of a skillful person over society and the whole of mankind.

I think these influences must be inspiring and beneficial for society so that every person gets inspired to be the best version of himself.

By Dyuti Banerjee

Marital Rape – A Taboo deemed as a Duty and Cloaked in the name of Culture

Written By – Ishita Singh

Marriage between a man and a woman in India implies that both have agreed to sexual intercourse. The concept of Marital rape elucidates as an act of sexual intercourse without one spouse’s consent. It also considers as a form of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and a Heinous Crime.

Forced sexual intercourse between couple perceives as a Criminal Offence in almost every country. But India has not yet criminalized marital rape.

In absence of a law on Marital rape, there is no exact data on number of cases of marital law . According to a research, 1 in 3 men admit to raping their wives. A woman is raped by her husband every three second. This number has slightly increased during the lockdown.

The definition of Rape codified in Section 375 of The Indian Penal Code (IPC),1860,

It includes all forms of sexual assault involving non-consensual intercourse with a woman with the help of six descriptions. The exceptions is “Sexual Intercourse by a man with his own wife, IS NOT A RAPE”. This law amended in 2013 but no action was taken against framing a law on Marital Rape.

It also violates Article 14 and Article 21 which promises Right to Equality and Right to Life and Personal Liberty of the Indian Constitution.

Marital Rape also converts as a form of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence victims can take refuge under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. It defines sexual abuse as ‘Any conduct of sexual nature that abuses, humiliates, degrades or violates the dignity of the woman’. It considers marital rape not as a form of rape but as a form of sexual abuse.

Rape by Husband Is Not A Rape?

Most of the people believe if a law on marital rape amend women will misuse it. But all are assumptions only.

In the landmark case of Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan, The Supreme Court extended this right of privacy in working environments also. Similarly, we can translate that there is a right of privacy to get into a sexual relationship even in married couples.

We are living in 21st Century. The era of legal reforms and revolutions. it is of requisite importance to take steps against marital rape. That would be a possible step towards advancing the way of actual development.

Despite being a developing country, such an improvement is far from the real world. There are some differences between rape and marital rape. Though they are both heinous crimes which could scar the victim, Indian judiciary are not ready to take action against marital rape.

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Language of Humanity:-LONG FORGOTTEN.

Written by:- Vaishnavi Bhandari

Dear Maa,

” This might and may not reach your doorstep, just like I never returned from that tragic day of 18th September 2013.

Maa, we live in a world that has forgotten to speak the language of humanity, the language of kindness. All this society knows now is the language of monstrosity and language of inhumanity. Our nation used to be a place where men raised wars when somebody tried to put their filthy hands on their honor, but presently some men are less of men than we could have ever thought them to be, in my case it was my own uncle. Poverty smogged in his head so much that he believed selling me for money would bring him a fortune and the life he has always desired. Maybe, he is having the time of his life too. But was I worth just being used as a deal? Maa, you once told me that the right man will bring me Gajras for my long hair, and even though he might not have money to fulfill my desires he’ll have jars full of love inside himself and that would be enough for me, but now, my hair is just used for grabbing and at 3 am in the night I hear noises of shattered expectations and whiskey bottles. Remember, when I broke your favorite glass and you just picked me up from the place so that I won’t get hurt? The sweet language of love in which you assured me that it was fine and accepted my apologies? Things have taken a little twist now,

I am made to dance on broken glasses and after they’re done filling their throats with whiskey and rum,

To scratch me and consume me, they thereupon come.

Maa, you once told me I will grow to be a beautiful woman with green bangles jigging on my hands, but instead of buying me bangles, men tie me in handcuffs or use their wrists do clutch mine as tightly as they can, the only color which stays on my hands is crimson blood red.

Maa, you once said that my skin is as soft as rose petals and matches the fragrance of berries, you advised me to take care of it, I tried to maa, I really did, but I remember the curtains in my room, so thin,

worn through, scratched, slapped, groaned just like my skin.

 Maa, you once said No means No and men should understand it,

But when I said the two-letter word,

My face was cupped and stabbed on the wall.

I was told to mind my language, I was a prostitute after all.

I tried to take all of it but I was tarnished with the title of ‘Prostitute’ and was broken every bit

I tried running away

but there was never a single way

I was made to do unthinkable things

Were they really human beings?

Maa, you always knew my love for poetries but I never thought my last one would be describing my plight. Sorry maa, I quit.”

Kashi ended the letter and overdosed on the drugs she was being given regularly.

This was an abstract letter, but what about the ones who have actually been in this situation? The circumstance we would never wish even for our enemies?

We live in a world that has ratified man’s absolute control over another. The unjustified trade and enslavement of human beings in this century reflect the state of affairs which confirms that the greatest ethical challenge facing the globe today is the lack of understanding of the language of humanity, kindness, and mercy.

Sex/human trafficking involves the use of human deception to exploit the vulnerable through forceful stripping of their dignity and self-worth. It also portrays a contrasting resemblance if unevenness among equals with regard to the right of every individual over her/his life, as trafficked victims are compelled to sell their freedom and are subject to coercive domination. 

This phenomenon manifests in the form of sex trafficking, women and children are merely reduced to the status of satisfying sexual commodity. Victims are subjected to constant abuse in order to force them to submit. They’re led in the pit of darkness where even cops conspire with traffickers in return for free sexual favors. Sometimes parents themselves sell their girls, school-age minor girls are forced to now in front of wealthy older men so that their parents can have all the privileges.

The most brutal form of sex trafficking is when people start speaking the language of exploitation. Where sadists feed on the popular belief that having sex with a virgin would cure them of sexually transmitted diseases. Little girls are raped and plagued until they are physically damaged and deprived of the natural light and satisfaction of motherhood. Male sex slavery and prostitution also exists. The ones who spoke the language of religion are huge fans of the Devdasi system, where young girls are trafficked and married off to a ‘temple deity.’ They are forced to provide their services to preachers.

Humanity is an act of compassion, concern, sympathy. It is worship, religion, behavior that spreads joy but most importantly is a language, a language which the dumb can speak, the deaf can hear and the blind can see. However, the one’s without any disabilities neglect to learn this language. Language is not just a collection of words in an unabridged dictionary but the individual and social passion of human beings. A number of languages emerged, died after some time along with them died the language of humanity too. In this society, seven billion or more people who are breathing the existing corruption, inequality, exploitation, harassment, and prejudice are striving to be free. It is time we learn this language because without them the culture of our nation blows up along with the people who live in it.

Markets: – A constantly changing Landscape

COVID-19 pandemic is a Humongous problem for companies everywhere, and it’s practically impossible to ignore the issue – it has changed the way business is executed everywhere. Many owners and work managers are failing to shift the regular marketing strategies to a digital marketing (The new normal). They are overlooking the situation because perhaps they have hope that some sudden turn of events towards normalcy will occur in the times of chaos. Whatever may be the cause but this inability to adapt will cause grave concerns to the economic survival of the company. Indian Markets, for the past few years, are constantly in a transition.

“Market is about two things, Marketing and Sales”

Online Shopping has been one of the major causes of loss to many Retailers and even whole-sellers, especially in urban localities. Because online markets are controlled by big multinational companies they marginalize their profit shares to such a low that, shopkeepers fail to catch up with them. So shopkeepers joined hands with them, this move was beneficial for both as the Online platform’s variety received a boost and reach of Shopkeepers increased to farthest corners of India and World.   

Many organizations have shown great adaptability by appointing digital marketing. This pandemic has made it absolutely essential for any trader, businessman, or Shopkeeper to appoint Digital Medium of Marketing and sales.

  • The impact – COVID: 19 on Market

There is no business which lies unaffected by the pandemic. In turn, this unaccustomed reaction has had a detrimental ‘trickle’ effect on larger B2B companies work as providers to these smaller businesses.

Every business, be it your neighbourhood departmental store or an enormous multinational firm, can benefit from digital marketing. Customers still need the products and services as much as ever—what these companies need to do is change the way they reach their target audiences. Even if a small enterprise doesn’t have an online page or portal (one in four do not have), it’s not very late to join in the businesses that are thriving online.

  • Coming to – HOW TO?

It’s time for the affected businesses to make the transition from a fortress store to a digital provider by contacting their customers, reviving unused online assets like websites and social media profiles, and pedalling full speed ahead.

  • Shifting daily operations online

There are very few organizations that cannot make the transition of their daily operations. Credit to video conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype, and many other executives and managers can communicate and impart instructions to staff and hold client meetings from anywhere. 

  • Sales teams can take orders and reservations and provide services to customers via email, chat, or video. They no longer have to commute; they can even start work early leaving customers with longer support hours.
  • Services that were previously delivered in person are surprisingly amenable to video presentations. Clients can pay online and receive a video link to live sessions.

Many businesses are cutting costs on their marketing efforts due to COVID-19, but what they should really be doing is grabbing advantage of the new opportunities that are rising.

This emphasis on digital marketing is not something that they’ll want to slow down on once the lockdown ends. Online shopping is going to stop no-time soon, and most companies will find those web-based interactions to be convenient than in-person meetings.

Stores will reopen but alongside newly adopted ways of selling and engaging with customers.

Talking of Digital Marketing, Digital Services, Digital India, we find one thing common that is Digital. Technologies and Gadgets are sure to expand and improve and in the process, a large number of job and services opportunities will emerge in Technology Development, Gadget Repair, Software development, coding, Data encryption, Data decryption, and Data Handling spheres.

  • Skills

India has the largest workforce worldwide but India stands nowhere in the list of Developed nations. The reason cited for this poor performance is the lack of skill in the workforce. Blaming only the individuals is not right because the Indian education System plays spoilsport due to its monotonous behaviour.

A number of govt. backed Skill Development programs have been launched recently but the major hurdle in the success of these programs is insuring proper implementation.

To grab these upcoming opportunities and chances by both hands we need to be prepared, these opportunities will demand skills like familiarization with Gadgets, computer languages and other technical know how’s? Those, who will fulfil these needs, will surely get an edge.

  • Author’s Take

While digital marketing may be regarded right now as an emergency plan, but by the time this is over, everyone will likely realize that it’s more than a temporary measure rather than a sustainable one. So “GO DIGITAL, BE FUTURE READY” and upstage and up veal everything.

~By Shubham Yadav