Make In India: A success or a failure?

Written by Sagarika Mukhopadhyay Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year of 2014 on the month of September launched an initiative that aimed at building India as a global manufacturing hub. This move is expected to encour age both multinationals as well as the domestic companies to invest in India. This move also expects toContinue reading “Make In India: A success or a failure?”

Self-reliant Economy: Fact or Fiction?

The month of May saw Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, disclosed an economic package of $266 billion to tackle the ongoing pandemic. “This package will work to bring about a self-reliant India,” said Prime Minister Modi. Self-reliance has been an issue that has dominated Indian thinking since time immemorial. In recent times, this conceptContinue reading “Self-reliant Economy: Fact or Fiction?”

Successful initiation of Make in India Initiative

For any Nation to reach its maximum potential by virtue of Economy, self-sufficiency is the key. The Indian subcontinent is full of resources of every kind natural, Human or technological. The only barrier in Indian development is the lack of competency in the industrial sphere; we do not process what we produce. This statement couldContinue reading “Successful initiation of Make in India Initiative”

COVID Impact: Workers Laid Off

This is imperative to that so far there had been no official estimate of loss brought about by lockdown implemented over the months due to corona-virus pandemic. A mutilate effect on an economy as large as India’s caused due a complete lockdown was impended. Unemployment across the country has ascended due to the coronavirus pandemicContinue reading “COVID Impact: Workers Laid Off”

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