Lata Mangeshkar: A voice which will live forever

6th February 2022 is the day, when the greatest singer of all times in Indian history, Lata Mangeshkar, passed away. Aged 93 at the time of death, her seven decade long contribution to Indian music will be remembered forever by all Indians. She recorded songs in over 36 Indian languages, all across the subcontinent, bindingContinue reading “Lata Mangeshkar: A voice which will live forever”

Euthanasia: The Death of Dignity

The word ‘Euthanasia’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘Eu’ meaning ‘Good’ and ‘Thanatos,’ meaning ‘Death.’ When put together, it means ‘Good Death.’ It originally is the act or practice of ending one’s life, either relieve pain or end further suffering. The concept has always been a controversial topic since its origin. It comes inContinue reading “Euthanasia: The Death of Dignity”

The Rise of a New Pandemic(G4 Virus)

H1N1, a highly transmissible disease that spread around the world in 2009, killed approximately 200,000 people and morphed into seasonal flu. Published Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have brought to limelight a study regarding the surveillance of pigs in 10 Chinese provinces from 2011 to 2018 which reveals a newer strain of the virus, G4Continue reading “The Rise of a New Pandemic(G4 Virus)”

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