Covid-19 and Schools

Coronavirus cases in the country are at an all-time low in the last six months. So it is time to open up schools and colleges as online teaching is not sufficient for students to score well in the board exams, which are scheduled to be held in the next few months. It is thus necessaryContinue reading “Covid-19 and Schools”

Are there Re- infection fears around COVID-19?

Written by Anshika Yadav Blog URL: We all are aware of the global pandemic going around, the most threatening health issue today. There has been a rising concern that this really became more than just a “SNAFU”! Although millions of people all around the world have been recovered from novel Coronavirus, the primary concernContinue reading “Are there Re- infection fears around COVID-19?”

Corruption in Crisis: “Aapda may Avsar”

Corruption: The chronic Disease Causes C for corruption c for Corona Solutions Authors Take Corruption is deeply rooted in Indian Society, it is often found in each turn and corners be it on Road, in offices, departments and the latest addition to the present list is Hospitals. It’s shackled the economy back from reaching newContinue reading “Corruption in Crisis: “Aapda may Avsar””

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