Nowadays, every small thing in Bollywood gets into controversy as netizens feel that any particular element, whether its promo, character or even title is hurting their sentiments or portray or distort the history. Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming film ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ has been renamed to ‘Laxmmi’. This is not the first time where we saw producers changingContinue reading “THE MOVIE LAXMMI BOMB CONTROVERSY”

Japanese spotted UFO Again!!!

Written By Palak Thakur Would you believe me if I say, I saw a UFO(UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT) ?? Maybe no… No one knows about the mystery happened but JAPAN claimed that they saw a mysterious flying object for the second time. This is not the first time they stated to encounter an alien spacecraft. ForContinue reading “Japanese spotted UFO Again!!!”

The seizure of contraband gold from a diplomatic consignment in Thiruvananthapuram

30 kgs of gold were seized by custom personnel on Sunday at the International airport of Thiruvananthapuram. The package that landed by air cargo is said to be under the name of the person who enjoys ‘diplomat immunity’. According to the sources the bag belongs to the staff member of UAE consulate general in Thiruvananthapuram.Continue reading “The seizure of contraband gold from a diplomatic consignment in Thiruvananthapuram”

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