Renewable Sector Inching Towards the Milestone

The renewable energy sector in India made a sharp increase at the end of the last decade. But the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 became a big stumbling block in its progress to reach the 175 GW goal by 2022. With the increase in prices of fuels and abundant availability of natural resources,Continue reading “Renewable Sector Inching Towards the Milestone”

Sugar-free Mangoes – The New Trend

Mangoes are the favourite fruit of most people around the globe. However, it is disheartening for diabetic people who don’t consume it due to its high sugar content. It is true that mango has high sugar content. Many businesses have cropped in selling diabetic mangoes that are claimed to be good for health. That isContinue reading “Sugar-free Mangoes – The New Trend”

Why Are Prices of Diesel and Petrol not Decreasing, when Crude -Oil prices are falling drastically?

On June 8th, India prepared to lift the lockdown imposed on its citizens due to the Coronavirus. Around this time, Oil companies controlled by Union Government started hiking both petrol and diesel prices. From June 7th, fuel prices were hiked consecutively for 22 days. In Delhi, the price of petrol was increased by 13%, andContinue reading “Why Are Prices of Diesel and Petrol not Decreasing, when Crude -Oil prices are falling drastically?”

Nationalism, Revolution, and Anti-Nationalism

The main concern of this article is to reveal the thin line Revolution and Anti-Nationalism share. In order to understand that, we also need to ponder on how these things are also related to ‘Nationalism’ as it is only by studying Revolution and Anti-Nationalism alongside Nationalism will we be able to justify the explanation toContinue reading “Nationalism, Revolution, and Anti-Nationalism”

Markets: – A constantly changing Landscape

COVID-19 pandemic is a Humongous problem for companies everywhere, and it’s practically impossible to ignore the issue – it has changed the way business is executed everywhere. Many owners and work managers are failing to shift the regular marketing strategies to a digital marketing (The new normal). They are overlooking the situation because perhaps theyContinue reading “Markets: – A constantly changing Landscape”

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