1) List down your habits.
As you are planning to have a side hustle remember that it should never be a burden to you; instead, you should enjoy it. So make sure you make a side hustle which makes you feel refreshed.
2) Write down why you want to hustle?
Asking this question before starting your journey is crucial. Your intention will always be your only
motivation and make you stick to your hustle. So, make sure you write your intention before going ahead.
3) Think if it is adding value to your life?
Whatever you do in life should add value to your life and make you a better individual. Every day should be a learning process, and your side hustle should make you learn more and more skills.
4) Research whether it can pay you or not?
Make sure there is demand in the market for your hobby. Explore and surf all platforms to find whether your hobby can pay you or not. If yes, then go-ahead. If no, think about whether you can create something new or valuable thing, from which people get benefited, and you get paid as well.
5) Work on it.
The last but crucial step is to work on it. There is no perfect beginning. It’s just you need to start to become perfect. So don’t self-doubt; instead, believe that you can do it and work for it.
Follow these simple steps to get paid for your hobby.
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Written by – Sahithya

New Year: A Fresh Start And Infinite Possibilities

“Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky
The flying cloud, the frosty light.
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.”
Alfred Lord Tannyson , ‘In Memoriam’

We have come to the edge of December and finally, in a few days, we are going to complete the year 2020 which can also be called the most dangerous year of the twenty-first century. The whole of mankind suffered a lot and also paid a lot this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

New year

People got locked down in their homes and even till now the classes of schools and colleges are being conducted online. And everyone was compelled to be habituated in the new normal of musk, hand-wash, and hand-sanitizer. So, in such a depressing environment, everyone is looking for a fresh start.

So, we must search for the ways through which we can bring freshness to our lives. It’s not too easy but it’s not too difficult also.
And for that, I think everyone should try to understand himself first. Everyone should discover himself, his potentials, and his area of interest. When a person gets to know his interest, it becomes easy for him to venture some new skills according to his interest. He achieves a clarity of thought about himself and thus he becomes able to make the path of his success.

And for bringing freshness, we will have to incorporate some new habits in our lives like book reading, regular exercise, spending quality time with family and friends. Because all these are really important in a person’s life. Books are the best friends, they always grow our knowledge. Regular exercise keeps our mind and body fit and also in sync. And the more we get connected to our family and our real friends, we become happy, pampered, and enriched socially.

Moreover, for keeping our mind fresh, we must say ‘no’ to depression and we shouldn’t repeat our past mistakes also rather we should learn from our misdeeds. And we should lead a healthy social life also. Even in our workplaces, we shouldn’t take part in rat races. So, we must cut down those things which give us mental stresses.

And I think, thus adding some good habits and cutting down some bad habits, we can bring freshness in our lives. And along with this healthy mind, if we learn some new skills and pursue our interests with a great passion, we will also be able to bring immense possibilities in our lives.

By Dyuti Banerjee.

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