Have you ever wondered about the extreme success of Chanakya?

 Well, let me give you a brief about who Acharya Chanakya is… 

Acharya Chanakya, the advisor of king Chandragupta Mourya was a problem solver in the true sense of trauma. Chandragupta followed his advice and was able to unite India against Alexander’s great invasion. He himself is trained at Takshashila University and has written several philosophies regarding student’s life.

Chanakya’s preachings are one of the practical ones to date. let’s have a look at some of the qualities that Chanakya has defined as the must qualities in a student.

Do you think are you are a good student?

Do you want to be a good student?

Then ensure that you are reading this article and make sure that all the qualities mentioned in them are inculcated in you…

1.Reduce the anger levels

As rightly said anger makes people blind. We do not understand the moves that we take and we become unconscious about the words we speak. So, try not to get angry. I know it sounds difficult, but as a student, you need to have enough control over your anger which can be attained through meditating. Meditation not only reduces your anger level but also improves your concentration levels towards your studies and helps you in attaining inner peace.

Cooldown!! I can feel your vibes. I know it’s easy to suggest but meditation is not a cup of tea for many out there. If you are one amongst them not to worry, you are not alone in this journey.

Let me share my personal experience with meditation which might help you. Initially, I was unable to focus on my thoughts and my thoughts kept on disturbing me. After a certain stage, I reached a position wherein I felt so sleepy while meditating, I was so disappointed with that and thought of giving up but at the same time, I got to know that it’s also apart of meditation and termed as yoga Nidra. Eventually, it moved into a stage where I can meditate for about 5 mins without any distractions. I am sure that you will start experiencing some wonders happening with you.

2. Control your greed

 “As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.”-Rusty Eric.

A greedy person can ruin/ destroy, anyone/anything to fulfill their own selfish need.

This quality not only harms the people around you but also destroys you, for the time being, there is a sufficiency in the world for a man’s needs not for a man’s greed. A greedy person can never feel satisfied with what they have and always keeps plotting about other belongings in the quest of getting them. Being a student we always need to focus on how to utilize our time productively.

So, being greedy will lead to the wastage of a valuable resource, and that’s our time.

So, stop being greedy and try to build things on your own merit which will lead to ultimate success.

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3. Don’t be a glutton

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

If you are unable to control your desire of having more and more delicious food then you’re brain will always keep roaming around the Chachaji’s hotel and never be able to focus on the studies. Some of them cannot think about anything apart from the delicious food and even they neglect their health. So, stop being a glutton and start focusing on the knowledge that you gain by studying.

4.Stay away from sexual attractions.

Sexual addiction is no less than an illness for all teenagers these days.

In this world of globalization, everything is available at our fingertips. A simple internet connection can give you access to any kind of content we need.

“Your decision to kill your addiction will become a reality only if you believe and reinforce the fact that you have the capacity to do it.”

If a person involves themselves in thinking more of a sexual context they will eventually become restless and have the highest probability of choosing any wrong path in order to fulfill their wish. All their thoughts keep revolving around the sex which they will not be able to concentrate on studies. So, as much as possible distance yourself from sexual thoughts.

5. Wasting time around random fun.

Now, don’t get annoyed after looking at this statement. That doesn’t mean that you should not hang out with your friends. This means that you need to have your priorities and take action accordingly.

Seriousness is the highest quality gift and virtue in a student to achieve fame and success in their career. So, a student always needs to take care that he is not wasting time in umb activities and momentary pleasures, and needs to have the stability to attain whatever they wish to have in life.

I hope this article has given you a glance at the main qualities that every student must possess.

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Written by

Roshini Maram

Impact of Films on Society

What image do we exactly have about a hero?

That he’s the most successful man, never fails in any mission, got all the superpowers to fight all the super-strong villains and ultimately wins the heroine’s heart and the battle. All this seems so natural for us but to be honest, all these are ‘Portrayed’ natural for us. How can one man fight ten goons at a time, how can he convince the heroine to fall in love with him even if she’s not interested, no matter how much he pressurized her. He needs to have all the good qualities, nothing bad like he’s some kind of a God. He needs to be tall, handsome, fair and masculine only then he can perfectly fit into the role of a hero. This isn’t only limited to the heroes but the heroines too have certain categories to fulfill. For many eras, actresses are used as props in films where all they have to do is become the hero’s love interest and the reason to fight for. Yes, there are many movies too where the female characters are as important as the hero’s but when her role becomes the main focus the popular actors refuse to act beside them. She needs to be portrayed as a helpless and weak woman but beautiful, if not, then how the hero will fall for her? Especially in Indian movies, there are times when you will watch the female protagonists worshipping their husbands like God, no matter how badly she has been treated. What makes her ‘Sanskaari’ is when she wears traditional clothes, when she speaks less in front of her in-laws. All these serve in influencing the stereotypical thoughts of society and promote issues like gender biases, rape, abusing females, colour discrimination, body shaming and many more. Often in the movies, the male protagonist is shown loitering around the girl despite her strict denial, he gets attracted to her if she wears short clothes which gives wrong signals to the youth that girls dress for men. Even if she says, ‘No’ the actor will keep lagging by performing baseless acts and in the end, he succeeds in winning her heart showing it’s that easy to get a ‘Yes.’ The lyrics of certain songs are so immoral that it describes the woman as a sex symbol. Not only the plot but also the music of films are becoming unjustified. Movies highly influence the society as a means of entertainment but it also leaves a great impact on the audience and manipulates their way of thinking. If we talk about teenagers they are the fastest ones in noticing the actors’ actions, dressing sense, attitude and trying to imitate that in real life. There are certain films which depict violence, aggression, flaunting upper-class standards which many of them try to adopt going out of their comfort zone, they try to imitate the film’s characters in real life endorsing their good as well as bad qualities which takes them beyond being normal.

Our responsibilities

Where we blame the films for the portrayal of inappropriate things it’s also our responsibility to understand the fine line between the virtual and the real world. Whatever the film shows it’s just for entertainment. However, it’s true that the film industry must follow certain guidelines by regulating the content of the films with respect to the different age groups of audience watching those fims. We should know whatever shown in the movies is for entertainment purposes and we can’t enact that in actual life which might affect us personally and the people around us. The romantic, seemed to be real stories are lovely to fantasize but it also kind of distracts us from the practical world making us unrealistic and escapist. When a hero wins hearts by playing versatile characters, girls tend to fall for him, embracing his charm and giving him the tag of their ‘Prince-charming.’ Sometimes the obsession becomes so extreme that some people start worshipping him which has a term in psychological science called the ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ (CWS). The person becomes extremely addicted to the celebrity that he or she gets involved with their life so much that they begin claiming the actor to be the love of their life leading to serious mental illness like depression or anxiety. The truth is, the things over which we fantasize about the actor in the film are all fictional. A film called Guddi by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, released in the year 1971 was picturized on this issue.

Let’s accept the fact that generation is changing and so are the film scripts that the audience is more concerned about the plot rather than the actors no matter how they look or what they wear. Films are trying to be realistic, actors are ready to play grey-shaded characters instead of being flawless, and it’s ok to lose a battle at the end, the hero need not be a handsome, dashing, well-dressed man but a simple one. There are movies like ‘Chhoti Si Baat,’ ‘Saath Saath,’ and ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ where the heroes are not a hardcore, fighter but a simple, leaned figure boy. Love stories might not have a happy, united ending where the protagonist may lose the love of his life but can sensibly embrace the fact about leading a better life without someone. Films must show what’s believable as well as legitimate and the audience too should keep in mind the difference between the theatrical and real-world, learning and getting motivated by the positive aspects of the film. Our society can thrive if they start changing the taboos by accepting the change with open arms that the coming-of-age films are trying to bring with their distinguished and revolutionary plots.