Why is Lithium the New Gold?

Since the discovery of gold, gold has been regarded as one of the precious metals in the world. Its preciousness is due to its use in jewellery, or as economic reserves. Its value lies in the fact that it does not oxidise, nor it rusts, or changes composition throughout time. Gold maintains its shine, lustreContinue reading “Why is Lithium the New Gold?”

How India have become a Major Buyer of Russian Oil

Before the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia war, hardly any crude oil from Russia used to reach the country. However, in the last few days, India has emerged to be the one of the prime importers of Russian oil, despite what her diplomats in the West say. India produces only 15% of its oil requirement fromContinue reading “How India have become a Major Buyer of Russian Oil”

Edible Oil Becoming Costlier – Bane or Boon?

Edible oil prices have steeply risen since May and are showing no signs of coming down. The main edible oils used throughout India are palm oil and soybean oil. Palm oil is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, while soybean oil comes mainly from Brazil, Argentina and the US. India relies on more than 60% onContinue reading “Edible Oil Becoming Costlier – Bane or Boon?”

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