Cyclists Number Growing in the Country after Pandemic

The latest research has shown that West Bengal holds the highest percentage of households having a bicycle among all Indian states and Union Territories. 78.9% of households in the state have a bicycle. With the abundant availability of local transports, like e-rickshaws, good network of local trains, trams, and electric buses, West Bengal is showingContinue reading “Cyclists Number Growing in the Country after Pandemic”

Organic Farming in India – Good or Harmful?

The term organic farming refers to farming methods using only biofertilizers, biopesticides, for growing traditional, heirloom, high-yielding, and even genetically-modified seeds. Organic farming is at its nascent stage in India, where a few farms have taken up the new initiative to make food crops healthy. Despite being a healthier alternative, organic farming poses substantial challengesContinue reading “Organic Farming in India – Good or Harmful?”


Highlights : VIVO V20 SE:Snapdragon 665In-Display Fingerprint33W Flash Charging32-megapixel front camera Full Specifications: Vivo V20 SE has launched its latest smartphone in India, the “Vivo V20 SE where SE stands for Special Edition,” as the newest addition to the v20 series that only includes the Vivo v20 pro is expected at the end of thisContinue reading “VIVO V20 SE PRICE IN INDIA”

Why Are Prices of Diesel and Petrol not Decreasing, when Crude -Oil prices are falling drastically?

On June 8th, India prepared to lift the lockdown imposed on its citizens due to the Coronavirus. Around this time, Oil companies controlled by Union Government started hiking both petrol and diesel prices. From June 7th, fuel prices were hiked consecutively for 22 days. In Delhi, the price of petrol was increased by 13%, andContinue reading “Why Are Prices of Diesel and Petrol not Decreasing, when Crude -Oil prices are falling drastically?”

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