How IMD defines advancement of Monsoon in India

The Indian Meteorological Department, IMD, is the official Government weather forecaster for India. Monsoon is the most important season in India, which accounts for a huge chunk of the Indian economy. India’s agriculture, pisciculture, floriculture and to some extent logistics are vastly affected by seasonal variations in the monsoon. That is why, IMD makes 2Continue reading “How IMD defines advancement of Monsoon in India”

Pandemic leaves Uttarakhand’s pilgrimage industry secluded

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the travel industry because of the subsequent travel limitations just as droop sought after among tourist. The tourism industry has been greatly influenced by the spread of coronavirus, the many nations and states have constricted travel limitations trying to control its spread. A webinar was recently arranged to talkContinue reading “Pandemic leaves Uttarakhand’s pilgrimage industry secluded”

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