4 Days Work a Week

5 days a week work may seem boring for many employees. After long hours of duty daily, getting only 2 days a week as holiday is not enough for many workers, who are doing laborious work. Also, the working hours per week seem to have exceeded what is required in this modern, fast-paced and digitalContinue reading “4 Days Work a Week”

World Test Championship in Cricket

Similar to the ODI world cup and T20 world cup, ICC has long thought of a test championship tournament. Test cricket has lost its charm, especially among the youth due to the advent of franchise cricket like the IPL or the big bash league. One of the means of a revival of test cricket wasContinue reading “World Test Championship in Cricket”

380 whales dead in a mass stranding

An article on death of pilot whales in a mass stranding, written by Anshika Yadav Long-finned pilot whales can be as long as 23 feet and are of several tones. They also well-known to form pods as large as 1,000 members. In Australia from a sandbar off the coast of Tasmania, about 500 whales wereContinue reading “380 whales dead in a mass stranding”

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