The Vice-President of India – Roles, Eligibility and Election

The Vice-President of India holds the second highest constitutional office after the President. The suffix ‘Vice’ refers to the fact that in case the Presidential post is vacant due to death, absence, removal, illness or otherwise, the Vice-President will take up the post of the President. In that case, the Deputy Chairman of the RajyaContinue reading “The Vice-President of India – Roles, Eligibility and Election”

Downfall of Congress and Rise of New Parties in India

Since its inception, the Indian National Congress party had a stronghold in almost every nook and corner of India. This has been the case till the turn of the century, when Atal Bihari Bajpayee led the NDF to power. That however, did not last long and Congress was once again back in power with ManmohanContinue reading “Downfall of Congress and Rise of New Parties in India”

Delimitation – What is it?

Delimitation means redrawing of boundaries of Parliament or state legislative assembly. The boundaries of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha are drawn in such a way that each member of the Parliament represents an equal number of people living in that particular area. The same goes for the State Legislature as well. In short, the delimitationContinue reading “Delimitation – What is it?”

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