Booster 3rd Dose – Why is It Essential?

Most countries around the world have started giving booster doses to already vaccinated people. Its entry into India slowed down due to the huge population. Giving 2 doses of vaccines to each of the Indian citizens was in itself a challenging task. Then there was a problem of giving conventional Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines to children. Also,Continue reading “Booster 3rd Dose – Why is It Essential?”

Exercise and Covid-19

Exercise plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Exercise has also been known to boost our immunity and keep diseases away. Now, new research has found out that exercise can make Covid-19 infection less severe. However, it doesn’t guarantee you that you won’t get affected by Covid-19, nor does it saysContinue reading “Exercise and Covid-19”

Ayurveda to beat out pandemic

Written by Himadri Paul Little do we realise the use of Ayurveda can act as an aid to this worry of ours regarding immunity. Come, let us read this article and learn how. Come 2020, come Covid-19 pandemic, and all of a sudden, people have gone crazy over immunity boosters. While this was partially drivenContinue reading “Ayurveda to beat out pandemic”

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