Bhutan Re-opening for Tourism

Bhutan had, so far, remained isolated from the rest of the world, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 was not at all severe in Bhutan, affecting only a very small percentage of Bhutan residents. That was mainly due to their isolated nature, tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas, and not allowing any cross-borderContinue reading “Bhutan Re-opening for Tourism”

Best Cities for Tourism in India’s Neighbouring Countries

India is a vast country which borders 7 different countries and many others lie in its vicinity. Most Indian tourists often choose far away countries, located in a different continent for their ease of accessibility and preference. But our neighbouring countries are also very beautiful, with excellent world class tourist places. Let’s check out someContinue reading “Best Cities for Tourism in India’s Neighbouring Countries”


On July 14th, various news outlets reported that Iran has dropped India from the Chabahar project, which was aimed at building a railway line linking Chabahar port to Zahedan which was to be further extended to Zaranj across the border in Afghanistan. The agreement to build the Chabahar-Zahedan rail line was signed four years agoContinue reading “THE CHABAHAR CONTROVERSY”

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