Who Participates in the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games is a major multi-sport event, similar to the Summer Olympics, which is played by all Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth countries or Commonwealth of Nations include countries which historically were a part of the British empire, like India, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, or had been associated with the British empire, like Australia, Canada,Continue reading “Who Participates in the Commonwealth Games?”

World Test Championship in Cricket

Similar to the ODI world cup and T20 world cup, ICC has long thought of a test championship tournament. Test cricket has lost its charm, especially among the youth due to the advent of franchise cricket like the IPL or the big bash league. One of the means of a revival of test cricket wasContinue reading “World Test Championship in Cricket”

What if India was never colonised?

The 200 years of exploitative rule by the British over the Indian subcontinent has invited several viewings (positive and negative) of this period in the World History. However, the drastic shift in the history of the subcontinent has given rise to various speculative thoughts as to what would have happened if the English explorers hadContinue reading “What if India was never colonised?”

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