Chinese Military Drills near Taiwan – A Possible Invasion?

The island of Taiwan, which roughly constitutes 99.8% of the territory held by the Republic of China, lies across the South China Sea on the opposite side of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait. Mainland China is controlled by the People’s Republic of China, where the Xi Jinping led Communist Party holds the regime, andContinue reading “Chinese Military Drills near Taiwan – A Possible Invasion?”

Twitter Shows the Wrong Map of India

There has been a lot of debate on whether Twitter should be banned as it had failed to fully comply with the Central Government rules. To date, it has not been banned and it has been asked to make certain changes to comply with the current IT rules. However, Twitter’s uploading of wrong maps ofContinue reading “Twitter Shows the Wrong Map of India”

Huawei Ban by the United Kingdom: Is it the new Cuban Missile Crisis?

The rising tension between the United States and China has managed to raise a few eyebrows. Experts of the field brought to the fore their concern regarding the beginning of a possible “new cold war” that may be largely concerned with the technical arena. The COVID-19 crisis has brought down serious devastation to the worldContinue reading “Huawei Ban by the United Kingdom: Is it the new Cuban Missile Crisis?”

Is the world becoming Anti-China?

The world as we know it today seems to be forming an alliance against China, mostly because of suspicions behind the widespread Covid19, due to which as many as 552K people succumbed to their deaths (as of 10/07/2020). There were many accusations thrown at China, most of which were conspiracies like the Coronavirus being releasedContinue reading “Is the world becoming Anti-China?”

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