Cleaning the Ghats of Kolkata (Part 1)

The Bhagirathi-Hooghly river flows through one of the most densely populated regions in India. Starting from Berhampore in Murshidabad, Nabadwip-Mayapur in Nadia, along the Hooghly industrial region of Bandel-Naihati, Chandannagar, Chinasurah, Serampore-Barrackpore, culminating at Kolkata-Howrah, the most densely populated region in entire eastern India. It is thus a hectic task to keep the Bhagirathi-Hooghly riverContinue reading “Cleaning the Ghats of Kolkata (Part 1)”

Saraswati – A Lost River (Part 2)

The NDA Government was particularly keen on reviving the lost river, Saraswati. As most of the evidence points out that the Ghaggar-Hakra channel was most likely a perennial river, presumably the Saraswati, the Centre is looking for ways to revive the Ghaggar-Hakra river. Today, the Ghaggar Hakra river is merely like a sewage drain, flowingContinue reading “Saraswati – A Lost River (Part 2)”

The Not-So-Dying Art of Carpet Weaving

Carpet weaving or rug weaving is an ancient art of making beautiful carpets which originated in the ancient world. The carpet was and is still considered an important asset of a household, thus its weaving is a prime source of people for a chunk of the population across the world, and creates substantial employment forContinue reading “The Not-So-Dying Art of Carpet Weaving”

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