Itanagar Airport about to Begin Flight Operation

Till now, Itanagar remained the only capital city of India, which is yet to have an airport. Arunachal Pradesh also is the only state which does not have a dedicated airport. Arunachal Pradesh did have operational airports at Pasighat, Ziro and Tezu, but it is a military airport, with a civil enclave that supports domesticContinue reading “Itanagar Airport about to Begin Flight Operation”

Privatisation of Railway Stations – Bane or Boon?

Of late, we are seeing world-class stations coming up on Indian Railways. Gandhinagar Railway station in Gujarat and Habibganj Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh are two examples of privatisation of railway stations. These two stations are being re-developed to world-class airport style stations with all modern facilities. The work on both the stations are nearingContinue reading “Privatisation of Railway Stations – Bane or Boon?”


Capital punishment, or “the death penalty,” is an institutionalized procedure planned to ensue in purposely killing individuals in acknowledgment of tangible or deemed transgression and pursuing an authorized, rule-governed procedure to infer that the individual that is responsible for infringing criteria that ensue execution.  Punitive executions have historically been assessed by numerous kinds of administrationsContinue reading “IS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT NECESSARY?”

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