Upgrade your Brain and Body with BIOHACKING

Recently, people have come across the word Biohacking via certain Netflix series like Unnatural Selection and Biohackers. These series have fascinated people to this fantastic upcoming way of living. A trend that might make you feel like a superhuman amidst the others.

“First, forget inspiration.
Habit is more Dependable.
Habit will sustain you
whether you are
inspired or not.”
Octavia Butler

Biohacking is a term that defines better living through technology and science. It is a way by which one can upgrade oneself and make resistance to various health problems. It is actually one of the most emerging technology or rather a biotech trend in today’s date.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit.”
Will Durant

So what is Biohacking actually? How it came into Practice?

It is relatively a very new trend which will soon bring revolution in people’s lives. Techniques involved in Biohacking is all about optimizing human performance, making life healthier, happier, and stronger. Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition Inc., author, a Silicon Valley Investor, is also considered the Father of Biohacking. According to this man, Biohacking is an art and science by which you can change the environment around you and inside you and have full control over your own biology. This man has done several experiments upon his own body. He has injected stem cells into his joints, takes several supplements daily, bathes in infrared light, and even much more. All that this guy is doing is to live until the age of 180.

It sounds really cool when one can actually control his entire body system using science and advanced technologies. According to various data, Biohackers have improved health, well-being, and nutrition. They also have high-energy levels, optimized physical activity, and quality of sleep. Moreover, one can continue maintaining his youthful looks and be healthier for a long time.

In brief, Biohacking is actually a broad and intermediate-term which includes a huge range of activities, starting from performing experiments on yeast or other organisms to tracking your own sleep and diet. Some of the practices even include pumping a younger person’s blood into your own veins with a hope that it might fight to age.

There are two types of biohackers in society today. Some are PhDs while some are complete amateurs. Some Biohackers have even formed a branch of Transhumanism, a movement that says that human beings can and have the freedom to use technology to augment and evolve the species.
There are actually various ways of hacking your own biology. Some of the hacks are quite tricky to understand. That what makes it different from our daily intake of traditional medicines.

Certain things which are associated with Biohacking are as follows:


Boosting life expectancy

This includes following simple habits like an improved diet that is usually by avoiding non-veg. Then exercising regularly, avoid smoking, drinking as well as having improved quality and amount of sleep.
Biohackers are very much focused on the word Endurance. Everything thing they perform they do to upgrade their lifestyle.


This is a therapy that includes ice treatment. This involves treatments with an ice pack and also take cold showers for three days in a row for 10 seconds letting the shower directly hit the forehead. According to the biohackers, it helps their body temperature to come down at tissue and cellular level. This would, in turn, increase metabolism. People who carry out this regularly feel energized and refreshed.

Osteogenic Machines

According to the biohackers, they can strengthen their bones within a few minutes using high-tech machines called osteogenic machines. These machines are based on osteogenic loading. Such a thing helps them to strengthen their body and also helps to gain athletic performance.

Nootropics (smart drugs)

These are cognitive enhancers that are natural or synthetic substances. They help in enhancing mental skills and boost memory.

Dopamine fasting or discontinuous fasting
The trend for this kind of fasting has begun in Silicon Valley. Now it is practiced in the rest of the world. This type of fasting is mainly used for losing weight and for boosting brain and clarity. This activity really helps the individual to enhance their brainpower. Moreover, it also helps them to concentrate on their work.

What is making people practice Biohacking over themselves?

It is actually a desire to live longer, stronger, and healthier. These desires come in a range of flavors. Some people have the desire to become smart and live strong as long as possible. While some desire to live an extremely healthy life, a totally disease-free life.
Commencing such practices even comes from frustration. A biohacker named Zayner has even injected himself with CRISPR DNA to cure himself of certain health problems. This man got irritated by the federal official as they always claimed sluggishness in allowing all sorts of medical treatments. It takes about 10 years in the US for a new drug to develop and get approved. This long wait really makes the life of people suffering from serious health issues worse and painful. This biohacker has even claimed that he wants to homogenize science and empower people to experiment on themselves.

Do all these activities involve in Biohacking legal?

There are a lot of Biohacking pursuits that exist in the legal grey zone, disapproved by the FDA, but they are not fully an illegal practice. Though certain agencies now seeming to take actions against certain ill practices involved in this technique. But there is no straight forward way to stop these biohackers from continuing such practices.
One of the major issues involved in this technique is that if we make ourselves smarter, stronger, and potentially immortal, we may eventually create a society where everyone would feel pressured to alter their biology, even if they are not interested in it. It would become difficult for everyone to live as “merely” humans in a world of superhumans.

What conclusion can we draw to this technique?

It is now evident that Biohacking is just more than an RFID chip to open your front door. It is providing aid to disabled people as well as it is helping society to create progress in the health industry. Biohacking is quite interesting and inspiring. It exemplifies flaws in both the policies surrounding the tech-world and security concerns in the code itself. It is evident that soon a new era will be explored with Biohacking in the coming future.

Written By Saurabh Dey.


Body is an integral part of our life. Similarly, ‘Body shaming’ is all around us and judging has become such an automatic response that people tend to do it without any prior thoughts. Some people try to find humor in degrading someone else’s figure which is highly undesirable. The problem arises when we start judging others based on outer looks.

The world is too big to have one sort of view to show beauty. It’s time to break the mold if we want to stop ‘Body shaming’ in all forms. Motivate, encourage, and support the differences. If each one of us starts to accept our body structures, nobody can make us feel bad about it.

Thinking about the parts of your body you could change or comparing them with the notion of “perfect body” our media has successfully created. It saddens me to witness the social media popularizing certain body types as beautiful. Today, almost all teenagers are highly active on social media. When platforms like Facebook and Instagram reinforce the ideal concepts of beauty, it distorts the thinking processes of the teenagers who in turn experience insecurity and face issues of low self-esteem later in life.

I remember reading an article about a 22-year-old photography student who started approaching plus-size females and offered photo shoots to them. He believed we should take the responsibility for the change we demand and has been spreading awareness since. He also wanted to open a plus-size modeling agency that would challenge and fight the established culture of body shaming.

Intentionally or unintentionally most of the people including we do body shaming, and we don’t even realize. At the same of view, we all have more or less experiences regarding this.

Some of us are laughed at those who are under-weight,

NO ‘Body shaming’.

Some of us are fat,

we are alienated for being dark

Some of us couldn’t smile because of crooked teeth.

Many of us are short.

Sometimes this body-shaming thing goes beyond the boundaries.

Many people who judge intelligence based on looks.

Many people who guess the profession of other people just by looking at them.

Even someone assumed an intellectual person as a maid just because of skin color.

In schools/colleges if a kid doesn’t fall under the category of so-called good looking/perfect people, people mock at the uncommon kid. They couldn’t make friends easily. If this happens regularly people go into depression, suffer from an inferiority complex, lose confidence, and keep themselves away from everyone, they might even develop anxiety and other mental issues.

If you can’t make a person feel better at least you shouldn’t make them feel worse. You don’t know what they are going through or what they went through, even if you comment on someone just for fun and without any wrong intentions, still, they might get hurt because they might have been commented numerous times not just by you alone. Don’t judge anyone, treat people around you with respect, understand, and help them.

We often blame society for what is happening around but we need to realize that it is we who form the society. Thus, the first step is to fight our thinking patterns to accept ourselves, and then we need to make others aware of the same. Embrace who you are!

By- M. Hema Sri