ICC T20 Cricket World Cup to Shift from India

The covid-19 pandemic situation in the entire world forced ICC and cricket boards of different countries to cancel or postpone many tours and tournaments. One big tournament that was postponed was the T20 Cricket World Cup that was to be held in Australia in December 2020. Last year in August 2020, ICC confirmed that IndiaContinue reading “ICC T20 Cricket World Cup to Shift from India”

380 whales dead in a mass stranding

An article on death of pilot whales in a mass stranding, written by Anshika Yadav Long-finned pilot whales can be as long as 23 feet and are of several tones. They also well-known to form pods as large as 1,000 members. In Australia from a sandbar off the coast of Tasmania, about 500 whales wereContinue reading “380 whales dead in a mass stranding”

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