What You Can Do at Home during Lockdown

We all are busy working from home or studying from home life. But apart from that, we do get a lot of extra time that goes unutilized. There are many household works that we could do to enjoy our life at home and enrich our amateur skills. Let us go through some jobs that can keep us occupied in a dull lockdown period.

1)Cooking : Cooking comes in the number 1 spot. Cooking is a passion for many of us, while it is a very laborious task for others. It is nice to try your hand at cooking this lockdown. It is not that you have to cook restaurant quality and Masterchef dishes. You may lend a helping hand to those cooking food daily at your home. You may also try making some new drinks or simple desserts, or you may decorate and garnish a particular dish item. Try your hand at chopping, grinding and baking. Most recipes are found on the internet and youtube, so you don’t need a high degree of knowledge or skill to start cooking. Start with basics like brewing tea, frying omelette, or kneading dough.

2)Room Decoration : This may seem unnecessary when no guests are coming to your home, but for people, who like their home tip-top, this is one thing they would like to do all day. Decorating a home doesn’t mean you need to buy furniture or make curtains. Keeping our house clean is also a form of decorating our home. Mopping the floor, sweeping the floor and walls with a broom, destroying the spider webs in ceiling corners or human hair underneath a bed, and even making your bed is a form of cleaning the home. Anytime you can experiment with certain adjustments in your room like moving the furniture to different places, put a separate sheet over the sofa, or rearranging your dressing table. Start with wiping wall clocks, or changing room carpets or dust the tablecloth in your room, it will take away a lot more time than you think.

3)Light Exercise and Yoga : For those who are not a fan of exercising daily, the lockdown period is an excellent time to bring it to a new hobby. It is not that you have to build muscles or lose weight. Start with light exercises and yoga that are taught at school. Exercise rejuvenates your mind, makes you concentrate harder on your work, and helps you stay fit and active at the same time. Start with breathing exercises, brisk walking, surya namaskar, and you are good to go.

4)Sun-Drying Unused Clothes : Clothes that are not regularly worn are likely to harbour moisture and fungus and smell damp. It is an age-old practice in India to turn cupboards out and leave everything on the balcony or roof to dry in the sun. Take them out in small batches, and put them in the sunlight. It is summer now, and the sunlight is likely to kill germs present in the clothes. Small batches will make sure that it is an occupying yet straightforward task. Who knows, you may find a dress that you have always overlooked. If you have a garden, then do a bit of gardening like watering the plants or fertilizing. This will ensure you get Vitamin D from the sun.

5)Knitting and Handicrafts : Do you like weaving? There is a lot of DIY stuff, a short form of doing it yourself, that keeps your mind relaxed at this tense hour. You may learn knitting in lockdown and if you already know it, then make sure to keep the boring evenings occupied by knitting or sewing. Mend pores in old clothes, put up torn buttons, make covers that cover expensive clothes or quilts. If you know to weave, then you can sometimes keep busy knitting a sweater with wool. You may make your cushion with a new piece of cloth. Decorative stuff like coloured bottles, pen stands, wall hanging materials can also be made with minimum requirements. Start with searching youtube for DIY crafts and try to implement the one suitable for you.

Written by – Himadri Paul


“Life is following you. Your destiny is in your hands. Whatever you think and feel will determine your life.”

We all have heard about water, air and noise pollution but ever heard about Thought Pollution? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is no, but it is the most common pollution we all encounter daily. You could go to a place with the cleanest air and water with solace running through its veins but still be haunted by thought pollution. Just as air pollution means impure air, thought pollution refers to dirty, disturbing and unwanted thoughts which is more hazardous to your well-being than these environmental issues. The statement “It’s all in mind” isn’t a cliché. It most certainly holds true. The number of times that we obsess over unhealthy, unrealistic scenarios in our mind and unknowingly overthink our way to a disturbing inner being is devastating. What clean air is to our lungs is exactly what pure thoughts are to our soul. To be the healthiest, happiest and most sanguine version of ourselves, having a clear thought process is an utmost necessity. Especially in the current times when the world has become this large overwhelming bubble of appalling happenings, having our mind flooded with grey clouds of anxious, disturbing and detrimental thoughts is becoming the new normal. But we mustn’t let that happen. If we can’t keep our thinking in check and stop ourselves from becoming a demented pig, then for what good has we, humans, been blessed with this cerebrum? We must train ourselves to see the silver lining in every situation, and clearly, it’s easier said than done. Since it’s not an overnight process, we need to practice establishing a clean, calm and healthy thought process and put it into use as often as we think. We need to stop contaminating our inner piece by our atrocious thoughts to see ourselves and this world in a better light. We all have two lives, and the second one starts when we realize that we only have one. And the only thing hindering us from living our best life is we. This continuous, vicious cycle of negative, self-depreciating thoughts that live in our mind rent-free is poison to the soul. Our studies have frequencies to attract similar ideas. We become a magnet for things that we are and for being a positive ray of sunshine from whose presence the world can only benefit. We need to think in the same sun-kissed way. Our thoughts manifest our reality, and to have a positive fact, we must have positive, satisfying and grounded reviews whose existence in itself heal our soul from all the negativity that we get hold of. Since self-care these days has finally gained the momentum it deserved long ago, try pampering your soul with positive thoughts whilst you indulge your body with a bubble bath; both are equally rewarding. As soon as we touch our feet on the ground in the morning, we should flood our mind with positive and thankful thoughts to set the tone for the day. Remember that only after clouds disappear can we see the beautiful stars.

Written by – Radhika Ahuja


1) List down your habits.
As you are planning to have a side hustle remember that it should never be a burden to you; instead, you should enjoy it. So make sure you make a side hustle which makes you feel refreshed.
2) Write down why you want to hustle?
Asking this question before starting your journey is crucial. Your intention will always be your only
motivation and make you stick to your hustle. So, make sure you write your intention before going ahead.
3) Think if it is adding value to your life?
Whatever you do in life should add value to your life and make you a better individual. Every day should be a learning process, and your side hustle should make you learn more and more skills.
4) Research whether it can pay you or not?
Make sure there is demand in the market for your hobby. Explore and surf all platforms to find whether your hobby can pay you or not. If yes, then go-ahead. If no, think about whether you can create something new or valuable thing, from which people get benefited, and you get paid as well.
5) Work on it.
The last but crucial step is to work on it. There is no perfect beginning. It’s just you need to start to become perfect. So don’t self-doubt; instead, believe that you can do it and work for it.
Follow these simple steps to get paid for your hobby.
Now, why late? Just start your journey off with your side hustle.

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Written by – Sahithya