How Qatar Prepared Itself for FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar, a country in the middle-east, has a low population, and an even lower fan-base for football. Also, it lacked basic necessities and infrastructure for hosting the world’s biggest football event. However, 12 years ago, Qatar was selected to be the host for the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup. Even today, many look down uponContinue reading “How Qatar Prepared Itself for FIFA World Cup 2022”

Economic Impact of Russia-Ukraine War

Russia and Ukraine, the two biggest countries of Europe, have gone into war against each other. Most European countries, and some American countries including US and Canada, have imposed heavy economic sanctions on Russia, while helping Ukraine to stand up in the war. The economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine war is expected to reach almostContinue reading “Economic Impact of Russia-Ukraine War”

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