Beautiful Lakes to Visit after Monsoon in India

The land of monsoon, India has a wide variety of landforms. Inland depressions, valleys, or coastal lagoons create a number of big lakes. The lakes in India are not just famous for tourism, they also support livelihood of many people living nearby. After monsoon, most lakes are filled with water and are in their fullContinue reading “Beautiful Lakes to Visit after Monsoon in India”

Bird Flu from Migratory Birds

2020 began with Covid-19 outbreak causing mass deaths in the human population. 2021 started with migratory birds dying in Himachal Pradesh from Bird Flu outbreak. Bird Flu or Avian Flu is a disease in birds, which was first observed in China in 1996 and have spread worldwide among birds. By the end of 2020, aboutContinue reading “Bird Flu from Migratory Birds”

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