Full Crowd at IPL Playoffs

After the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed regarding the interaction between people and the allowance of crowds. After initial lockdown days, as the world reopened after the pandemic, the games, like cricket, football, rugby and even Olympics were held remotely without any spectators. However, as the pandemic subsided, bit by bit, the crowds wereContinue reading “Full Crowd at IPL Playoffs”

Who Disrupted the 5th Test at the Old Trafford – Covid-19 fear or IPL?

The recent bilateral series between India and England has been stalled over a fear of the Covid-19 outbreak in the Indian camp after several members of the team caught the Covid-19 disease before the test was played. The declaration came just two hours before play as the deputy physio was reported to be Covid-19 positiveContinue reading “Who Disrupted the 5th Test at the Old Trafford – Covid-19 fear or IPL?”

ICC T20 Cricket World Cup to Shift from India

The covid-19 pandemic situation in the entire world forced ICC and cricket boards of different countries to cancel or postpone many tours and tournaments. One big tournament that was postponed was the T20 Cricket World Cup that was to be held in Australia in December 2020. Last year in August 2020, ICC confirmed that IndiaContinue reading “ICC T20 Cricket World Cup to Shift from India”

Importance of More Day-Night Test Cricket

Test cricket is perhaps the most dreaded form of cricket that young minds want to see. This is the era of franchise cricket like the IPL, which is a t20 cricket tournament. t20 cricket has gained so much momentum that the original form of cricket, the Test cricket is slowly but steadily forgotten by theContinue reading “Importance of More Day-Night Test Cricket”

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