Sikkim Transport Connectivity

Sikkim, the least populous state in India, is strategically one of the most important. Sikkim is tucked away in the high hills of the Himalayas, and is connected to the rest of India through only one major road. Sikkim borders 3 countries, China, Nepal and Bhutan, and parts of it are disputed with China. WithContinue reading “Sikkim Transport Connectivity”

Privatisation of Railway Stations – Bane or Boon?

Of late, we are seeing world-class stations coming up on Indian Railways. Gandhinagar Railway station in Gujarat and Habibganj Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh are two examples of privatisation of railway stations. These two stations are being re-developed to world-class airport style stations with all modern facilities. The work on both the stations are nearingContinue reading “Privatisation of Railway Stations – Bane or Boon?”

Some Solutions to Combat Delhi Smog

Since the past decade, Delhi has been witnessing one of the world’s worst smog ever in October and November. Diwali and farmers are blamed every year for causing such a hazardous situation for the national capital. However, Delhi shies away from changing itself to solve the problem once and for all. It is easy toContinue reading “Some Solutions to Combat Delhi Smog”

Mathura-Vrindavan Metre Gauge Railway

Mathura is renowned as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and Vrindavan is the forested area near Mathura city, where Lord Krishna spent His early childhood. A number of temples scatter around Mathura and Vrindavan, both of which are renowned Hindu pilgrimage sites. Seeing the cultural and economic importance of the two places, the British hadContinue reading “Mathura-Vrindavan Metre Gauge Railway”


A step towards atmanirbhar trains is also into existence now. India is all set to run its first-ever automatic and driverless metro train on December 28th and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is also going to launch the fully operational National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) on the same date for traveling to the AirportContinue reading “INDIA’S FIRST DRIVERLESS TRAIN”

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