Amid the swirling Novel corona virus cases all over the World, positive news is unfamiliar to all of us. In the midst of all this, we seem to see the ray of hope named “COVAXIN”. WHAT IS COVAXIN? COVAXIN is the first indigenous COVID19 vaccine is approved for human trials which will be started acrossContinue reading “COVAXIN AND SELF RELIANT INDIA”

What is Young Indian Revolution?

Do you watch news or read newspapers? Everybody does that to get aware about things happening in and outside the country. But, what’s the use of that awareness? What are you doing except of being aware about the situations in the country? Every day there is something in news like a Government servant caught inContinue reading “What is Young Indian Revolution?”

Doctor’s Day

”The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patients who has the disease”. – William Osler     National Doctors’ Day is the day celebrated to acknowledge the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. The date might vary from nation to nation reckoning on the event of commemoration wont to mark theContinue reading “Doctor’s Day”

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