Book reading habit

Reading books is one of the best and important habits one must follow. It improves our creative skills and is good for our well being. Reading a book for at least a few minutes a day helps us to relax and improves our skills. Books become your best friends once you start reading. They take you to explore a new world. It depends on the genre you choose.

Benefits of book reading:

Reading books improves our positive thinking. They also help in developing our vocabulary and communication skills.

Readers make writers. Reading helps writers to brainstorm ideas and improves creative thinking ability.

Books are a source of knowledge. Reading books helps in maintaining an active, strong mind.

For those who spend a lot of time alone, books will remain your better companion. It explores you to a whole new world. Fictional books are all about imagination and fantasy. Non fictional books explain how the world is functioning.

Set goals:

Set a time for yourself and make sure you stick to it. Have a goal to read during the particular time.

Have a list:

Jot down the list of books you wish to read. Track down your reading and cross the ones you finished reading. In this way, you will find the list of great books that are on your TBR.


Library is the best place where you can choose whatever book you wish to read. Even if you can’t afford a book, you can go straight to the library, choose the one and read.

Book reading partner:

Reading will be more fun if you have a reading partner. You can set goals with them and can indulge yourselves in challenges.

Have a book with you always:

You never know when you have the leisure time especially when you are at work. So, always carry a book with you and read whenever you get the chance.

Reading tracker:

Have a notebook and create a calendar. Every day, after you read for sometime, mark it with any bright colours. If you miss a day, mark it with a red cross. In this way, it will help you track your reading easily.

Book reading is fun and useful at the same time. Vocabulary skills develop to a greater extent. Books transform you into a new, better individual.

Written by R.Varsha

Selfie culture – an obsession

Selfie Culture:

Selfie is a self captured photograph with a smartphone or a camera. It is a picture of independence. People, especially teens and young adults are more obsessed with the selfie culture. Taking selfies and posting them in social media has become a trend over the past few years.

Selfie trend

With the advancement of technology and introduction of more modern devices, nothing is impossible. Earlier days, people depended on someone to take pictures of them. With the progression of new technology and more new features, people are obsessed with trying them.

With the existence of social media, people are focusing on others’ opinions. It is the symbol of the modern era. Children are getting easily influenced by it. It causes mental depression. It causes various psychological effects.


It is all good and fun unless you take it too seriously. People are so careless that they attempt to take selfies at dangerous places. Several accidents occur due to this and they ruin their life illogically.

People go selfie-maniac. Psychiatrists report that they meet so many affected teens due to the selfie addiction. Selfie culture has lowered the originality of the individuals. People tend to feel insecure of their appearances.

Those days there were no devices to capture the moments. There were no such means to restore as a memory. But people enjoyed and lived in the present. Though they never had all these advancements, they never missed any moment. Today, with the modern devices people forget themselves and the world. Teens are so concerned about their looks and physical appearances. They wanted a perfect picture of themselves. They never compromise which leads to a lot of takes.

Pictures are taken to relish the memory. They are something that is to be cherished in the future. To cherish it, we must live in the present.

Written by R. Varsha

Vaccine hesitancy

Covid19 is an ongoing disease across the globe. After almost a year of struggles, the vaccine for this deadly disease has been found. 

Covid Vaccine

What is a vaccine?

It is a preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a specific infectious disease.

Vaccines are of great importance to prevent the infection. Recently, many people show a sign of hesitance towards the Covid vaccine. Vaccine hesitancy is the refusal to get vaccinated despite its availability. Several diseases that have taken the lives of thousands before have been completely eradicated now due to the vaccine administration. Let’s not forget about the deadly infectious diseases like Polio, Tetanus, Mumps, and Chickenpox that were put to an end. 

Side effects are considered to be the biggest reason for people refusing vaccines. Vaccines may have side effects like slight fever. But serious side effects are rare. 

Besides, social media spreading vaccine misinformation should be tackled. People trust blindly the information they receive without analyzing the facts and myths. These highlighted a lot of anxiety among the public. One such rumour that spread is that the vaccine could give the disease. They are designed to prevent the disease. People fail to understand this. Vaccines don’t give us the disease they are meant to prevent. They are administered only after detailed and accurate reviews by the Doctors, scientists and other researchers. 

Some people are convinced that the natural immunity is more effective than that is acquired through vaccination. 

Reasons why it is important to get vaccinated:

Vaccines can save lives by preventing contagious diseases

It is safe and effective 

Rapid development

It keeps us safe and healthy.

Doctors, Scientists, and other health researchers strive hard to put this contagious disease to an end. Which is why they have come up with the vaccines that would save thousands and thousands of lives. Do not get misinterpreted by the fake news or rumours. 

Written by R.Varsha

Women-the mighty angels

Women and her role:

Women play a crucial role in the development and the quality of life in the family and the society. They are the explorers of the nation. Women nowadays explore the world and exhibit their skills in all the fields. During olden times, women were involved and engaged only in certain fields of work and men excelled in everything. But now, everything has changed. Women and men equally take part and excel in all kinds of fields.

Women- the mighty angels

Though we may say that both men and women are treated equally at the workplace, it doesn’t imply at home. As a mother, as a wife, she takes up more responsibilities than men. She sacrifices her contentment for the sake of her family. In olden days, when women were bound to stay at home with no education offered, she took care of all the family members despite her problems. Now, she does the same at home and she also works hard at the workplace.

Woman at home:

Psychologists report that women are more depressed when compared to men. Men are the major source of income for a family. So he puts all his efforts and focuses mainly on his work. Whereas women had to focus on their work, their family and hence she gets exhausted. She barely gets some time. It leads to depression. Men wanted to share their financial issues with her but are not ready to share the household chores with her. That is why we proclaim it as ‘the male dominated society’. Maybe most of the things have changed, but not this issue at home. So, she over strains herself in managing both the home and the workplace.

She plays the role of mother, wife, daughter, cook, artist, caretaker, administrator in a family. Though she gets exhausted carrying all the daily chores, she is more than happy to do it. She never complaints and never expects someone to replace her. But, it is every man’s duty to help the woman in her chores.

She is actually the ruler of the home. But she never proclaims it. A ruler is not someone who orders or commands people. A ruler is a person who leads for the betterment of their territory. In that case, a woman is the ruler of the home.

They have occupied a noble position in family and society. However, social evils against women are still a challenge. We can claim ‘Women freedom’ only if all the social problems faced by her come to an end. She is an angel to earth. Treat her like a queen and not the maid of the house.

Written by R.Varsha

Racism- a pandemic

A race is a grouping of human beings based on an individual’s physical characteristics, such as skin, hair, or eye color as distinct by the society. Racism is the loathe towards people due to their difference in physical appearances. 

Racism – a pandemic

Racism affects an individual’s mental health. Their state of well being is deeply affected. Racism makes people feel uncomfortable for being born in a particular way or having a particular skin tone. There is nothing to be ashamed of their own skin color.

Racism remains as a barrier between social advancement in our society. No one is superior or inferior. We live in a world where all should to be treated equally. None has the right to dominate the others due to the genetic traits and the skin color they possess. It is a groundless method of judging people.

Causes of racism:





Why does it still exist?

Right from the ancient times, everyone grew the superstitious belief that black is a sign of bad omen. People even wear black attire to attend a funeral ceremony of the deceased. As a result, it has been practiced for years that black represents evil. Any individual who varies from the group in skin colour, religious practices is considered as the Outsider. This is where Xenophobia develops. Xenophobia is otherwise called Racism or the hate for people from other countries.

How to prevent Racism:

Creating awareness among people and to educate themselves about racial issues is the first step to reduce racist beliefs among people.

All are human beings, no matter what colour or country they belong to. Every person has different experiences. Share one such experience and listen to the experiences of other people irrespective of their physical appearances.

Speak out if you hear someone calling out racist comments and promote equality. All are humans. Everyone deserves to be loved.

Written by R.Varsha