Book reading habit

Reading books is one of the best and important habits one must follow. It improves our creative skills and is good for our well being. Reading a book for at least a few minutes a day helps us to relax and improves our skills. Books become your best friends once you start reading. They takeContinue reading “Book reading habit”

Selfie culture – an obsession

Selfie Culture: Selfie is a self captured photograph with a smartphone or a camera. It is a picture of independence. People, especially teens and young adults are more obsessed with the selfie culture. Taking selfies and posting them in social media has become a trend over the past few years. With the advancement of technologyContinue reading “Selfie culture – an obsession”

Vaccine hesitancy

Covid19 is an ongoing disease across the globe. After almost a year of struggles, the vaccine for this deadly disease has been found.  What is a vaccine? It is a preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a specific infectious disease. Vaccines are of great importance to prevent the infection. Recently, many people show aContinue reading “Vaccine hesitancy”

Women-the mighty angels

Women and her role: Women play a crucial role in the development and the quality of life in the family and the society. They are the explorers of the nation. Women nowadays explore the world and exhibit their skills in all the fields. During olden times, women were involved and engaged only in certain fieldsContinue reading “Women-the mighty angels”

Racism- a pandemic

A race is a grouping of human beings based on an individual’s physical characteristics, such as skin, hair, or eye color as distinct by the society. Racism is the loathe towards people due to their difference in physical appearances.  Racism affects an individual’s mental health. Their state of well being is deeply affected. Racism makesContinue reading “Racism- a pandemic”