A 25-year-old man Rinku Sharma aka Rohit Sharma, a BJP worker, from Mangolpuri area of Delhi was stabbed to death on Wednesday night. In his own house, in front of his parents. The contradiction is that the family blames that Rinku was killed for chanting “JAI SHREE RAM” and collecting contributes for Ram Mandir.
And Delhi Police says that this murder is done not from a communal angle. The politics have also intensified in the case. The quarrel started during a birthday party over the shutdown of a restaurant. It was a business rivalry,” the Police said.

The Police has arrested five accused Nashruddin, Islam, Mehtab, Jahid and Tajuddin on the charge of murder. In CCTV footage of the fight that broke out near his home. A group can be seen, armed with lathi and sticks. His parents and a neighbour named Akash Goswami sustained injuries during this incident.

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When the correspondents of media reached his house around 11 am, the place got bolted from inside. Relatives, who were mourning outside, said that the legislator from Mangolpuri associated with the Aam Aadmi Party that currently governs Delhi, Rakhi Birla. She spoke to the family in private.
Some activists complained that the house had shut for more than 30 minutes, and the AAP MLA could have been ‘tutoring’ the family. The killers were volunteers for AAP, they alleged.

What is the actual reason behind the killing of Rinku Sharma? Was it just a business rivalry or was he stabbed for chanting Jai Shree Ram? Whatever it was but this brutal killing intolerable, we demand a fast track court and the most stringent possible punishment.

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