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Technology is getting updated every day. Advancement in the tech world is happening at such a pace, that soon we will experience the world differently. To keep up with the crazy pace of advancement in the tech world, the time has come for people to get updated on all the tech concepts.

So what is Virtual Reality?

In 2020 we have got introduced to many cooladvanced technologies. Among all those advanced technologies, VR is one of them.

VR refers to a computer-generated simulation that makes the user interact in a different world. Special goggles with a screen and gloves fitted with sensors are used in this technology. This tech creates a user interface in which the person gets totally engrossed in an artificial 3D environment. The person gets to experience another world instead of just watching it on the screen.

This technology aims at stimulating a real presence through senses like hearing, touch, and sight. 

So how we came up with this technology?

Jaron Lanier is considered the founding father of Virtual Reality. This technology seems quite futuristic, but the origin is not that recent. A device named Sensorama, considered to be the first Virtual Reality device that was invented in the middle of the 1950s. This machine had a built-in seat and played 3D movies. The device even gave off-odors and generated vibrations to make the person experience the environment more vividly.

After this, an American computer scientist Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull came up with the first VR headset in 1968. Hereby, the advancement in this technology started.

Why this tech seems so cool?

Virtual Reality Technology

This technology gives you a feeling of mixed reality that creates an environment where you can enjoy virtual and the augmented reality at the same time. Moreover, this hybrid tech makes it possible to observe and feel virtual objects in the real world. It even gives you an experience in which the physical and digital are practically indistinguishable.

Is this technology only for gamers?

No, it seems like this tech is only made for gamers but actually, it is not. This technology has several other uses. The military department in the United Kingdom and the United States has adopted virtual reality in their training as it allows them to undertake a huge range of simulations. Disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in soldiers can also be treated. This helps the soldiers to adjust to their normal life situations. This therapy is known as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy(VRET). A reason for implementing this technology is that it is cost-effective.

VR has even revolutionized the Sports world. This technology helps the players to improve their athletic abilities. It has also been used to enhance the spectator’s experience of a sporting event. Nowadays, the broadcasters are even streaming live games through this technology.

The realistic nature of this technology has even made medical students perform their practice surgeries and procedures. This seems to be very effective, as it improves the quality of training for the students.

Researchers have concluded that this technology act as a motivating platform for children affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A platform where these kinds of children can practice several social skills.

VR is even used in Fashion nowadays. It is useful for retailers as they can design their signage and product without committing to the build. This tech allows the customers to try out new outfits along with a 360-degree experience.

As there are so many advantages to this VR Technology, there are also many disadvantages. Addiction to the Virtual World through VR might worsen human-human connection. It may also lead to some kind of functionality issues in humans.

Is it possible to connect virtual reality with the real world?


Yes, it is possible. With the pace at which the tech world is advancing soon, people will receive data from computers directly into their brains. The users will also be able to control computers with their mere thoughts. This seems really great when you get to know that, soon we will experience such a high-tech world in the coming future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Saurabh Dey.                       

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