The Nikita Tomar Case!

Nikita Tomar’s father, Moolchand Tomar, states that his daughter had started to face advances from Tauseef from school time, which she ignored. Nonetheless in 2018, Tauseef’s plan of abducting and forcing Nikita to marry him was inefficacious. After the filing of an FIR, the police was able to locate them within 2 hours.

Tauseef from family of MLA’s

Tauseef comes from a family of influential Congress MLAs and state ministers. His grandfather, Chaudhary Kabir Ahmed, was an MLA from Mewat. Kabir Ahmed’s brother Khurshid Ahmed was an elected member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha and also a state Cabinet minister. Tauseef’s uncle, Aftab Ahmed, is the sitting Congress MLA from Nuh constituency. By reason of this, the deceased’s family was forced to take back their FIR. But this did not stop Tauseef , who it is said wanted Nikita to convert to Islam and marry him, pursue his heinous plan.

Nikita Tomar’s case: A symbolical representation of Love Jihad?

Regardless, the Love Jihad claims have not yet been affirmed and are still under investigation. On the night of 24th October, the accused had a phone call conversation with the deceased for more that 1000 seconds. Tauseef has also confessed that he wanted to exact revenge. This is because the 2018 case put a stop to his medical education. While speaking to TOI, Nikita Tomar’s father said, that he had filed a molestation complaint against him in September 2020. A month later, on 26 October, she was shot dead by the same man, outside her college. Touseef, Rehan, and accused Arju were detained by Haryana Police in and have been sent to 14-day judicial custody.

Nikita Tomar’s Case didn’t receive support from B-Town actors

However when the coutry has been seen enraged on cases of Hathras and Nirbhaya, the Nikita Tomar case did not receive the same response. Many citizens are still unaware of the brutal incident. The incident was not seen receiving support or statement of any Bollywood actors. While the State government is trying their best to ensure justice the netizens of India should take a proactive role. So that the case does not turn dormant. The case is the face of all the innumerable cases which have yet not been officially recorded. Nikita stands representing all those females who are forced to submit to the religious conversion. Also, the marriage proposals to avoid the threat of acid attacks, abduction and murder, as well those victims who have been sacrificed in order to exact vengeance.

Start raising your voice against heinous crimes

The country does not need any more Daughter’s of India. But the country requires moral education and stringent laws and punishments which would act as deterrence.  In India, laws prove to be useless if the public are not made conscious of their misbehaviour towards others. This is because it’s very easy to find connection with political parties which would leave you clean at the end. Nikita Tomar wanted to appear for the Civil Services Exam. She was shot at broad daylight for rejecting a proposal. Her lifelong hardwork was put to an end to in one second. Her Right to life was snatched in one second.

Is this the state of the country we want to live in?


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