How Indian media is disregarding the core issue happening in India

Media has forgotten its responsibilities, becoming the butt lickers of the politicians


There is a surge in daily coronavirus cases and a plummet in GDP, but headlines are all about the Bollywood.  There is an estimation of 41lakh job loss among youth in the country given by the recent reports of ILO (International Labour Organisation) and ADB (Asian Development Bank), which might increase in the coming days.  Many co-operate sectors have swiped out many of their employees or a massive amount of pay-cut in the salary, making a dire situation for the families to make their ends meet.  The tourism sector has been hit the most challenging crisis following the door-to-door, retail, food, fitness, and construction services. The government conveyed no accurate data of the immigrants dying due to rampage in the parliament monsoon sessions. 

Perceiving the unprecedented menace, the government had imposed a lockdown when there were nearly very few cases. Since the lockdown has started, India has seen significant fallout in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which has been overlooked by the mainstream media.  There are no debates, or any questions raised by the fourth pillar of democracy. The only answer to this question is juxtaposing with the underdeveloped countries and making the virus a scapegoat.

The spike in the coronavirus cases has forced the future generation to get confined only to the house and halt their education.  A country like India, which comes among the list of developing countries, the pandemic has created disparity within students’ mass to get access to education.  Only 8% of the population has internet at their homes, which is helping the privileged ones. Still, the underprivileged are abandoned from the education system due to the lack of internet connectivity. Meanwhile, the media was busy finding spicy-fake conspiracy on a late actor; many students were already being deprived of their dreams. The same late Indian actor was criticized for promoting love jihad while he was alive. 

The farmers from all over the country have taken the streets to protest the new farms’ bill. The states like Haryana and Punjab are mainly protesting since the new bill has been passed in the parliament monsoon season.  The new bill will leave no grounds for co-operates to exploit the farmers.  The only demand of the farmers is to retain the MSP (Minimum Selling Price) and improve the structure of APMC, which goes unanswered by the government. Highlighting the arrests and inquiries done by the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) in the news channel is pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.

A 19-year-old Dalit girl was raped by four men from the Thakur family, which is still a prevailing act in the Harthas village, and the media paid many more all over the country less attention. A Hindu man’s killing over a fake message forwarded on Whatsapp was never a topic to discuss. But the encrypted chats became the sensational news to gain more TRP. The mysterious death of a few actors in Bollywood overshadowed one of the essential news of an increase in domestic violence. 

Is media purposely blindfolded to the pivotal by the authoritarians? Or has it lost the essence of the journalistic approach?

Written by – Debnath Saheli

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  1. I appreciate that YIR is giving the young n enthusiastic students a platform to empower their point of view,their suggestions and it also make the other young students to know about the serious issues across the country which are needed to be highlighted and to be worked upon.

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